The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


September 2003
Volume 5, Number 7

From the West ...

How soon the summer ends. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and took the time to enjoy the simple blessings the Good Lord has given us. You know what I mean; -the little things, like watching children at play in the park, appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature all around us and savoring that inner joy when helping a neighbor.

It is time for us to begin a new year for Audubon Park Lodge. Let us strive to share the joys of Masonry with our community. Let us show our new brethren and petitioners what it means to be a Mason. Let us help them understand how men with a common belief in a Supreme Being and strong moral fiber working together can make a difference not only within their community, but also in themselves.

I challenge the brethren of Audubon Park to think of ways to improve the image of Masonry in Spokane. Lets reach out to the community. Ask yourselves, are there other worthy organizations we should be involved with?

What new ideas do you have for building Masonry through community involvement? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Lodge for our stated meeting on September 10.

Senior Warden
Bob Good

From the South...

Is it already time to begin Lodge again on a regular basis? It seems just yesterday that Nancy and I joined 55 of our "closest Shriners friends" for a visit to Scotland and Ireland in May. The visit to Rosslyn Chapel with it's deep historical connections to Masonry and the Knights Templar was certainly a high point on the tour.

It has been a very busy and certainly fast summer. I was able to attend the outdoor initiation conducted by North Hill Lodge at St. George's School. It was very well attended and there were several brothers from Audubon Park. I am especially thankful for the hat I was loaned for the occasion. Otherwise my sunburned head would have "glowed in the dark". What a wonderful experience to be among so many brethren from the Spokane area plus the Grand Master and his team. I hope the new brother fully appreciates the significance of the event.

Speaking of initiations - our newest candidate - Jerrel Rowe has indicated he would like to be initiated on Wednesday September 17. Brother Bob Good will be out of town that week so we are looking for someone to pro tem as Senior Warden that evening. We also will need to "fill in" several of the other positions to insure we have sufficient brethren to insure we bring our newest candidate to light in top notch fashion. Remember our first stated meeting of the fall will be September 10. We sincerely hope to see you all in Lodge that night as we re-acquaint with one another after the summer hiatus. See you there!

Charles R. Young

Junior Warden

In Other News...

Scottish Night a Success

On June 25, Audubon Park 272 hosted a Scottish Dinner and Entertainment Night. It was an evening full of surprises. Our own Chef Floyd "McMorse" prepared delicious Scottish dishes for the diners' pleasure. Eight girls from Job's Daughters, (under direction of their Guardian, Sherry Nerger,) served the meal and helped with the cleanup afterward. Later, three dancers from the Northwest Highland Dancers (accompanied by their instructor Marie Grimes) entertained us with authentic Scottish lilts and even a few Irish jigs. Long-time Audubon Park member WB Jack Bishop followed with amusing tales about famous Scotsmen of yore. Finally, WB Jason Gordon (from Oriental 74) appeared in authentic warrior-garb of a 13th century Scotsman and told the gripping story of the Knights Templar and their connection with Masonry. In all, some thirty guests attended this most enjoyable evening. Special thanks to JW Chuck Young for his service in organizing this event.

First Degree Planned
Mr. Jerel Mason Rowe will be initiated as our newest Entered Apprentice on September 17, 2003. All Masons are invited. Please come to help welcome a new brother to Masonic light. Events get underway at 7:00 p.m.

Masonic One-Day Conferral set for Fall

Here's a chance for candidates to finish up their degree work. The Downtown Masonic Temple will host a One-Day Conferral on Saturday, October 25, 2003. For more information contact one of the following: VWB Doug Tucker 466-0414, VWB Paul Allen 928-7355 VWB Gaylon Arisman 924-8760 or VWB Jerry Schieche 245-3588.

Special Thanks to the Summer Crew

Early this summer, Brother Dutch Rotter did the Lodge a much-needed service by removing the great (but diseased) birch tree from the front lawn. The tree is gone, the stump is no-more and the spot where it stood has been graded and re-seeded . The overall appearance of the Lodge is greatly improved. We also want to thank the many brethren who stop by the Lodge during the summer to perform the many groundskeeping and maintenance chores.

Notes from District 27

VWB Doug Tucker informs me that the winner of this year's Grand Master's Senior Wardens Competition was Bro. Bob Holler of Medical Lake Lodge 104. Audubon Park 272 congratulates Bro. Holler on this noteworthy achievement!

New Editor for Pillars Needed
Just a note to let you know we're still looking for a new editor to take over the Pillars newsletter. The October issue will be the final one with WB Paul Vielle as editor. (He's moving on to other Masonic projects.) This job requires anywhere from three to four hours a month to put an issue together. If anyone is interested in collecting the articles, doing the proof-reading and getting the issue ready for the printers, please contact SW Bob Good or WB Paul Vielle.

News Items from the Foundation
Audubon Park Masonic Foundation (APMF) is growing steadily. We are at one third of our goal of $100,000.00. The assets of the Foundation currently are: $33,215.19. We have had a great return on our investing and strategy. I extend a very heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has contributed to this worthy cause over the years. It would really be significant if we could reach one half of our goal, $50,000.00, by December 31, 2003.

This summer the Foundation was able to assist the Temple Building by making a secured loan to the Temple in the amount of $2,000.00 to help pay the Insurance Premium on the Building. The insurance company was charging the Temple 14%. The Temple is paying the Foundation, principal and interest payments, from its rental income.

Anne and I have been planning Dances, Themes and Schedules for the coming year. We have the facility and musicians booked for four dances: Nov 7 Sadie Hawkins, Dec 31 New Years Eve, Feb 14 Valentines and April 30 Western Theme. The net proceeds to be invested and benefit Audubon Park Lodge and Temple Building. We are willing to expend our effort, time and money hosting these dances. However we are in need of volunteers. We are wanting to put together two Dance Committees. 1) Planning Committee to plan and work out logistical details for the dances and 2) Work Committee to help with decorating and cleanup at the dances. We promise this will be a fun experience. And If a few lodge members would assist with only one dance, it really would help spread the load from our shoulders. Please consider giving it a try. Call me and we will set a time for the first meeting.

The Serendipity Fund continues to grow. This effort started with a few pennies found on the street, a refund check for under a dollar, a few more coins here & there and penny-jars donated to us throughout the year. So far that fund has received over $430.00 in donations! Next time you run across a penny on the ground or change in the wash machine, change in your car, or a few coins left on your dresser, consider donating them to our Serendipity Fund. Every donation however small is gratefully received. You can see, over the years, these small sums add up!

Finally, we've all heard disheartening stories of donors getting ripped-off in learning that, very little of their donation actually went to the charity. This is not the case with our Foundation. APMF has no overhead. Our dedicated volunteers donate their time and talent. All the envelopes, cards, paper, stamps, ... everything used in our communication and fund raising efforts is donated. One hundred per cent of monies received is invested. Volunteers do it all. If you would like to serve with us on the Board Of Directors or, on the Dance committee please call me.
Fraternally Yours: W. B. Eric B. Berman, Sec-Treas. POB 18678 Spokane WA 99208. 509-328-2910

In Memoriam
Two more Audubon Park brethren have left us to join the celestial lodge above. Worshipful Brother John David Key
passed away June 12, 2003. He was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on February 27, 1957 and was elected as Master of the Lodge in 1963. A memorial was held in his honor on June 18 at our stated meeting. Also, Brother Nicholas T. Timmers passed away on June 26, 2003. Brother Nick had been a long time member of Audubon Park 272.

"Twilight and Evening Bell and after that the Dark
And may there be no sadness of farewell when I embark."

Famous Masonís Corner

Clinton De Witt (1769-1828) Raised in Hilland Lodge No. 8 in New York and served as Master in 1794. He went on to serve as Grand Master for 14 years. Later, Bro. De Witt became governor of New York, but is most remembered as the prime mover in the development of the Public School System in America.

Masonic Quiz

Q: Why is a Master addressed as "Worshipful"?
A: The word "worchyppe" or "worchyp" is Old English and means "greatly respected." Even today, English and Canadian mayors are still addressed, "Your Worship." The title "Worshipful" in modern Masonry continues this ancient expression of high esteem or great respect for the person addressed.

Q: Who was the foremost naval officer of the American Revolutionary period who was also a Mason?
A: See next month's Pillars!

Calendar of Events


2 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.
10 Regular Stated Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
16 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.
17 Entered Apprentice Degree for Mr. Jerel Rowe, 7:00


7 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.
8 Regular Stated Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
21 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.