The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272

September 2002
Volume 3, Number 9


From the East ...

Coincidentally, our next stated meeting occurs on September 11. Who will ever forget the terrible events of that day? We watched in horror as nearly 3000 individuals perished at terrorists' hands. The memory of that sickening fireball and the collapsing towers are burnished in our memories forever. In the days that followed, amid our disbelief and outrage, we watched on t.v. as heroic rescues unfolded and mourners laid flowers on heaps of rubble. We struggled to make sense of the appalling carnage. How can one comprehend such an atrocity? ..... Much has happened in the intervening year. As best we could, we buried our dead. Families of victims struggled to piece together their lives. We carried the war to Afghanistan and delivered fearful blows to terrorist strongholds. We're resolved to bring the perpetrators to justice and expunge the terrorist menace from the earth. But the future remains very much uncertain.

Out of all this tragedy has come some new realities. We realize how vulnerable our institutions are to attack. We understand that other cultures and countries despise us and seek our downfall. We appreciate with awful, chilling clarity the need to be vigilant and ready to defend our precious freedoms.

America heeded well the lesson of 9-11. Historically as a nation, we've always pull together in times of adversity and this grim event is no exception. In post 9-11 America, we are united in our resolve to defeat terrorist threats to our way of life. As this dreadful anniversary passes before us, never forget how blessed we are to live in this wonderful country. Let us cherish our traditions and values. And difficult though it is, we must strive to work for peace in the world. President Theodore Roosevelt had it right, I think, when he observed (of America's role in the world) ..."Walk softly, but carry a big stick." We'll survive this because Americans are decent, fair-minded, tough when we need to be, and resourceful.

Shifting gears a bit, ...I trust you've all had busy, happy and productive times during the summer break. Just because most of us are away during July and August doesn't mean things are quiet at the Lodge. The old secretary's office was gutted. That long-stuck window was opened. The floor & walls were washed and painted. VWB Chester Echelbarger removed the old radiator resulting in considerably more space in the room. Senior Warden John Smith assembled a new desk for the office. Secretary Floyd Smith now has a cheery, well ventilated, very pleasant place in which to work. Stop by and have a look. What an improvement!

We had several weddings and receptions during the summer. These events brought much needed revenue to the Lodge and we are grateful to WB Floyd Morse for his services as rental manager. We also appreciate the groundskeeping work, i.e. mowing lawn, maintaining sprinklers, trash removal and so forth, performed by VOW Echelbarger MW Harold Tucker.

Timely maintenance inside and out promotes a tidy, sharp-looking appearance for the Lodge. Which reminds me that we need a new vacuum cleaner. The existing vacuum is very weak. It just doesn't do an adequate job of cleaning the rug. If anyone out there has a good serviceable vacuum they'd care to donate, the Lodge would be most grateful.

Our next Stated Communication is Wednesday, September 11, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Please make every effort to attend. Let's start the new cycle with as much momentum as possible. Also, mark your calendars! Wednesday, September 25 will be Family Night. It will be a pot luck starting at 6:30 p.m. This will be my last Family Night with you as Master of the Lodge, and I want to honor several brethren. It will be an awards and recognition night. The evening may hold some light-hearted "shanaganigans" too. So plan to be there!

Finally, be aware that at our October stated meeting, we will be electing our new slate of Officers for the 2003 year.

Paul J. Vielle
Worshipful Master

From the West ....

Let me welcome you all back. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer. The last time we were together was at our Picnic-at-the-Lodge, June. The event was a great success; -plenty of good food and great fellowship. About 24 people showed-up on this beautiful June day. We set-up tables on the front lawn and enjoyed the usual picnic favorites of hamburgers, fruit salad, chips, pies, cakes and other specialty dishes. WB Floyd Morse surprised us with homemade ice-cream. one went away hungry that day. My thanks to all who came and especially to those who brought food.

Worshipful Master Vielle tells me he has been working with Brother Mark Anderson over the summer. Brother Mark is our newest Entered Apprentice. I understand he is very close to demonstrating proficiency on his first degree. If so, we'll look to confer the Fellowcraft degree on Brother Mark later in the month of September. I see you at our next Stated Meeting, September 11.

John M. Smith
Senior Warden

From the South ...

We are again at the close of summer. The Labor Day celebration is over and school busses are back on the road. I for one am still trying to finish some of my June summer projects. There seemed to have been lots of time to get things done right after our June picnic, but here we are in September and I'm wondering what happened to August!

Now it is time to return to the business of Freemasonry; improving ourselves by doing good work to benefit others. Over the past few years we have expanded our involvement in the community. The Operation Outreach literacy program in the schools and inviting guest speakers for our family nights are two examples of our reaching out to the community around us. Such efforts bring recognition to our Lodge. Let us continue to strive for a better understanding of Masonry in the community, specifically the recognition of Audubon Park Lodge #272 as an asset to Spokane.

See you in Lodge.

Robert K. Good
Junior Warden

In Other News... This note from WB Eric Berman: "Audubon Park Masonic Foundation has had a successful year. The Fall 2001 Donation Campaign netted $1125.00 for the Foundation. The Spring campaign generated another $1155.00. The Valentine Dinner and Dance (in February 2002) cleared $1011.00 and in May our "La Vie en Rose" dance netted $520.00. Another $630.00 came in from the Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner (in March). Finally we received numerous checks for various reasons through this period. As of May 31, 2002, APMF held $28,470 in assets. Our year-end goal is to hit the $30,000 mark. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the APMF I extend my sincere gratitude to all who have supported the Foundation. Your donations to the Foundation are investment in the future financial security of Audubon Park Lodge. As we move into the Fall, we are planning future dances and we're thinking of a Semi-Formal-ish dinner & Dance for New Years Eve. This could be a real blast. More info to follow." Congratulations on a successful fundraising campaign, Brother Eric!

Brother Bill Wilson has done a fantastic job in setting up our Webpage. If you haven't yet done so, do visit us online at: We added several informative links, one of which is a brief history of the lodge. We plan to add additional pages with information on Hall Rentals and the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation. Well done Brother Bill!

At our next stated meeting (September 11) VWB Doug Tucker will be delivering our Masonic Education segment. His talk that evening will be on the Regius Poem and the Halliwell Manuscript. The Regius Poem (circa 1390 A.D.) is arguably the oldest genuine record of the Craft of Masonry known. Most Masons have heard about these documents, but few of us actually know what is in them. I'm sure you'll find VW Doug's remarks most interesting and informative.

In Memorium
With great sadness we note the passing of two more Audubon Park brethren. WB John M. Lipp passed away in late June 2002. He was Master of Audubon Park in 1957. WB Glain H. Cook was called to the Celestial Lodge above in July 2002. Brother Glain held memberships in several local lodges and was very active in Scottish Rite. Memorials will be held for these departed brethren at our next stated meeting.

Famous Mason's Corner
General John J. Pershing (1860-1948) Commander-in-Chief of American forces in WW1 and had many honors conferred upon him not only by the U.S., but also by other nations. Born in Missouri; graduate of U.S. Military Academy, 1886; earned a law degree from University of Nebraska, 1893. Raised in Lincoln Lodge No. 19, Nebraska, 1888. Member of both York and Scottish Rites. 33rd Degree awarded in 1930.

Masonic Quiz
Q: What is the legend of the Winding Stairs?
A: An allegory to teach us the ascent of the mind from ignorance through all the toils of study and the difficulties of obtaining knowledge, gleaning a little along the way and thus adding to our stock of knowledge at each step until the reward of how to seek God and His truth is gained in the full fruition of manhood (the middle chamber of life).

Q: What is the symbolic meaning of the Setting Maul?
A: See next month's Pillars!

Calendar of Events

      3 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.
      11 Stated Communication, 7:00 p.m.
      17 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.
      18 Fellowcraft Degree (Tentative)
      25 Family Night. Pot Luck. 6:30 p.. Awards & Recognition program  

      1 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.
      9 Stated Communication, 7:00 p.m. Election of Officers for 2003
      12 Installation of new Officers for 2002 - Saturday - 1:00 p.m.
      15 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.
      23 Family Night. Dinner. 6:30 p.m.