The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


September 2012
Volume 14, Number 3

From the East ... 



 Brethren, I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful summer. Can hardly believe we are about to begin September and will have our first Stated Meeting on Wednesday September 12.

There will be some absences that first meeting as WB Floyd Morse will still be recuperating from his surgery. I've been receiving regular updates from his lady Sandy but did have to ask her not to call before 7:00 a.m. since my lady Nancy is still in bed at that time!!  Floyd is recovering quite well as of this writing and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Bro John Walther will also be gone so Bro Chet, the Younger, Casey will fill in as both Senior and Junior Steward that evening. I believe at least one other officer will be out of town, so if you receive a call from me asking you to fill in please don't be surprise and more important please be willing to step up as you most always do when able.

Our Family Night will again be on the fourth Friday, which in September will be the 28th. Following the tradition established by WB Bill Wilson, we will have a BBQ dinner with pot luck dishes. The Worshipful Master will provide the meat and do the grilling and those attending are asked to bring a dish for sharing.

There will be one difference this year. I will ask if anyone would prefer chicken so will offer both steak and chicken for grilling. I will purchase individual steaks rather than a large prime rib for slicing and grilling.

As we look toward the fall we need to be considering officer elections and installation. I have volunteers for most positions but still need to confirm a couple positions. Stay tuned and be sure to attend Stated Meetings so you are kept informed.

That's all for this edition. Wishing you all the very best.

VWB Chuck Young

Worshipful Master


From the West...


 Greetings from the West, I hope everyone is having a great summer!

This summer I went on a 9,300 mile journey on my motorcycle. I left Spokane on June 3 for Mt. Rushmore from there to Huntsville, AR, Middletown, PA, Banner Elk, NC, Fort Wayne, IN, Evanston, WY, Ogden, UT, and back to Spokane. I drove all back roads, going thru 100’s of small towns and one thing I notice was that most of the towns had a Masonic Lodge. Isn’t great to know you can travel all most any place in the world and fine a Masonic Lodge!  If you would like to hear more about my trip, come to our Lodge meeting on Sept. 12, and after the meeting I’ll talk all you want.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Sept. meeting.

WB Rich Hentz
Senior Warden

From the South...


Brethren, welcome back from the summer break.  I want to offer a big thank you to all of the brothers for spending time taking care of the Lodge this summer.  The crew took care of the sprinklers and did the yard work saving the Lodge funds for other projects. 

The September stated meeting is a great time to reconnect with your brothers at Lodge.  If transportation to lodge is the only thing keeping you from attending, please give us a call to solve this issue.  There are a lot of issues that need all of our talents to solve.  Please plan to attend the stated meeting 9/12 at 7:30pm and the family night 9/28 at 6:30.

WB Barry Rettkowski

Junior Warden

In Other News...

From the Secretary's Desk

Greetings from the Secretary

We are moving into the most critical portion of the Masonic Year, from a Secretary's view.  The Washington Masonic Code (17.15 B.L.) requires the secretary to send every brother, in writing, a reminder if he has not paid 2012 dues.  There are a few of these letters which must be sent.  At the November meeting, the Master is required to read the names of those whose dues remain unpaid, appoint a committee and call those whose dues remain unpaid.  We do not want to embarrass anyone.  If there is a reason the dues are not paid, call the Secretary at 509-979-5173 and we will discuss the issue, Master Mason to Master Mason.

For your information, there are currently 112 member of Audubon Park Lodge.  Of this number 90 or thereabouts are life members.  The Lodge will be billed and "enrolled Master Mason fee" for each of 112 in the amount of $19 each (yes, $2,128 total) by the Grand Lodge.   The non-life members will be billed for dues ($65) and enrolled Master Mason fee ($19) which will yield (if paid) ($1,235).  As you can see that gives us a built in deficit of about $900.  The interest on the life membership fund will yield about $1,200, which gives us an excess of $300.  Subsidies to the Temple Association will be about $8,000.  You can see the magnitude of the problem.

That is why the bylaws of Audubon Park Lodge were changed to allow us to collect the $19 Enrolled Master Mason Fee from each Life Member. If all Life members pay this amount, that gives an additional $1,710 in Income.  This decreases the magnitude of the problem, but by no means solves the problem.  We are using Lodges savings to keep the doors open.

We will have an election of officers and an installation.  The financial problem will be one of the first orders of business for these new officers.  Your Secretary/Treasurer cannot solve the problem.  The lodge needs to address the problem and figure out how we can continue to operate taking in less money than we are obligated to SPEND.

Doomsday, NO; but a problem which cannot be postponed any longer.


VWB Merle Iverson


Audubon Park Masonic Building Association     


Work continues on the maintenance and repairs of the lodge building.  Work parties are held as needed.  The men’s bathroom down stairs and painting the stairs and landing are two projects currently underway.  Keep your ears open for upcoming dates for work parties.   If anyone is interested in becoming the building manager please contact Worshipful Master Chuck Young or the Lodge secretary. 


Happening at the Lodge 

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation

Dear Brothers:  I hope you have enjoyed the first half of the year.  And your summer months will be celebrated with family and friends, joy and laughter!
This has been a difficult article for me to write and you will find its message to be somewhat different.  On many previous occasions my messages were straight forward with the purpose of reminding our Brothers of our Audubon Park Masonic Foundation, its purpose, goals, financial standing, events and success.  A.P.M. Foundation goal remains the same: To raise an asset base of $250,000 to provide the income to sustain the activities of our Lodge, Temple Building and Charities.  We have reached nearly three-fifths of the goal.  Our Foundation is doing what was envisioned it to do when it was formed in October of 1989.  It is imperative for us to reach the goal as soon as possible because of changing circumstances which I will briefly cover. 
I serve the Officers or Board Members of the Lodge, Foundation and Temple in different capacity to each, my duty is to provide the financial information to the Officers and or Board Members so they can then make decisions.  These past three years have been financially difficult for the Lodge and Temple building.  Briefly, Audubon Park Lodge members’ dues are not sufficient to sustain the Lodge.  It relies on investments, donations from its members and grants from the Foundation.  Audubon Park Masonic Temple Bldg. relies on rental income.  The current renters are the Lodge and Eastern Star.  The Parks Dept. has held a number of exercise classes thru May.  They have decided not to run classes this summer and are unsure what they may do in the fall.  We have not been able to secure additional rentals thru this year.  

Audubon Park Lodge and Temple Building are running at a deficit.  The Lodge rent is currently $2,000 a quarter.  The Temple building, thru May, has had expenses of $9,300 and revenue of $6,800 for a net loss of $2,500 and nearly depleted its cash reserves, having just paid our insurance bill of $2,300.   Our Lodge cannot sustain the financial drain of $2,000 a quarter for an extended period or it will deplete its investments.  The Foundation is here to assist and it has.  The Foundation Board of Directors does not want to drain the assets of the Foundation.  Cash infusion from our members will be needed for us to meet the expenses for the balance of the summer months.  Our Lodge officers and Board members will address the above in the near future.  My Brothers, please consider a donation to our Temple building to help offset the expenses we have incurred this past year.  Your donations would be greatly appreciated.
I feel very positive and committed to the continuing success of our Lodge, Temple Building and Foundation.  We have in place wonderful Officers who will guide us through this maze we currently face.  For further information please feel free to email or call me. My email address is and cell number is 509-590-9001.


W.B. Eric E. Berman, Secretary, APMF  

 Cell 509-590-9001


Audubon Park #272 Temple Board

Your Temple Board has elected Bro. John Walther to step up to the position of Board President after Bro. Jerel Rowe stepped down earlier this year. I want to personally thank Bro. Rowe for his service and dedication to the Masonic Building needs and repairs during his tenure as Board President.

As many of us are acutely aware, we are entering into an important period for all who meet at our building. Many decisions will have to be weighed and debated this year concerning the immediate needs and the long term goals of AP Masonic Building.

Most recently VW Master Chuck Young approved the Temple Board meeting time to be changed to 6:00 pm on scheduled lodge meeting night. The meeting will be held for one hour and then Audubon Park Masonic Lodge # 272 will start their meeting at the regular 7:30 hour as before.

It is hoped this rescheduling will help those who travel to make less trips and also invite members to sit in on Temple Board meetings to see our progress and lend ideas. We have now made it easier for members to get involved with the future of your building.

Bro. John Walther

Temple Board President

Ivanhoe Chapter No. 80, Order of the Eastern Star    


Welcome back to Star meetings and to Fall in the Inland Empire.  Hope all members had a good summer and are ready to get back into the action at Ivanhoe Chapter.  Our Stated meeting in September will be held on September 20, 2012.  Worthy Matron Mary Clements and Worthy Patron James DeLano will be at the helm guiding us for the rest of 2012.  This meeting will be very busy with reports from Grand Chapter and the changes in the Grand Chapter By-Laws.  We will have Education Night with our Deputy Instructor Aril Baldwin from Magnolia Chapter in beautiful downtown Millwood, Washington.  She will tell us of the changes, if any, that new WGM Gerry Mosler and WGP Bob Breza have.  So come on down to Northwest Boulevard and Audubon Park Masonic Center for a good time!

Welcome to October and a very busy month of honor nights and official visits.  We will have our regular stated meeting on October 18, 2012 and have fun celebrating Halloween.  Come dressed in a costume such as western or Roaring 20s style.  We will have long form opening getting ready for the Official Visit on October 23rd with Spokane Chapter at 7:30 pm.  There will be a dinner prior to the Official Visit at 6 pm at Spokane Chapter located at 706 West Garland Avenue.  Come early and get a good parking space!  We will welcome WGM Gerry Mosler and WGP Bob Breza to a fun-filled evening!

November bring lots of good food and fellowship with family and friends as we celebrate the Thanksgiving season.  We will have initiation at our November 15th meeting.  We will also have short form opening and be ready to start the celebration of a great holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving to all members and their families.

Best wishes to all for a safe and happy summer!

Ada Anderson, PM


Masonic Fact

“We represent a fraternity which believes in justice and truth and honorable action in your community…men who are endeavoring to be better citizens… and to make a great country greater.  This is the only institution in the world where we can meet on the level all sorts of people who want to live rightly.”  Harry Truman President of the United States – source: Center for Masonic Information

Who do I talk to?

Contact the Worshipful Master, Lodge Secretary, or WB Eric Berman if you know someone that is interested in renting the building. 

If you want something put into the Pillars contact the Lodge secretary:

Audubon Park Masonic Lodge #272

POB 9575    Spokane WA 99209-9575

Or call or e-mail

Secretary: .VWB. Merle Iverson 509-467-7255 email: 

Pillars Editor: WB. Barry Rettkowski 509-928-0075 email:

Calendar of Events

September 2012

9/4       Ivanhoe Auxiliary at the Gathering Place at 11:30 am

9/12     Sept. Audubon Park Lodge Stated Meeting – 7:30 p.m. NOTE NEW TIME.

9/20     Ivanhoe Chapter #80 Stated Meeting– Order of Eastern Star – 7:30 p.m.

9/28     Audubon Park Family Night – Pot luck – 6:30 p.m.


October 2012

10/2     Ivanhoe Auxiliary at the Gathering Place at 11:30 am

10/11   Temple Board Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

10/11   Oct. Audubon Park Lodge Stated Meeting – 7:30 p.m. NOTE NEW TIME.

10/18   Ivanhoe Chapter #80 Stated Meeting– Order of Eastern Star – 7:30 p.m.

10/23   Official Visit with Spokane Chapter at North Hill Masonic Center at 7:30 pm; Dinner at 7 pm

10/26   Audubon Park Family Night – Pot luck & Installation– 6:30 p.m.


November 2012

11/6     Ivanhoe Auxiliary at the Gathering Place at 11:30 am

11/14   Temple Board Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

11/14   Nov. Audubon Park Lodge Stated Meeting – 7:30 p.m.

11/15   Ivanhoe Chapter #80 Stated Meeting– Order of Eastern Star – 7:30 p.m.

11/30   Family Night Pot Luck – 6:30 p.m.



Officers 2010-2011

Worshipful Master                  VWB Chuck Young

Senior Warden                        WB Richard Hentz

Junior Warden                        WB Barry Rettkowski

Secretary                                 VWB Merle Iverson

Treasurer                                 VWB Merle Iverson

Chaplain                                  VWB Gaylon Arisman

Marshal                                   WB John Smith

Senior Deacon                         B Kim Roddy

Junior Deacon                         B Robert Stevenson

Senior Steward                        WB Floyd Morris

Junior Steward             

Tyler                                        WB Bill Wilson

MWB Harold Tucker past Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington

MWB Douglas Tucker past Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington