The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


October 2006
Volume 8, Number 8

From the East ...

Brethren, October is here and the Steak Feed is history. I want to thank all those that came, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed you coming. This is just another example of what Freemasonry is all about, brotherly love and friendship. Several new faces were seen, and several were missed from our midst. I hope that those that were unable to make it are feeling better, and our prayers are with you and yours.

     This month is Officers Election night, and it is hoped that there will be a good turn-out for these. If you would like to occupy an office, please let me or WB Eric know of your intentions and we will see that they are addressed. Remember that all positions are important to the Lodge and Brothers, and are what make the Lodge run smoothly and efficiently. We are looking for someone to fill the chairs of the Senior Deacon, the Tyler and the Chaplain; these positions have been vacated and need to be filled. Any volunteers?

     We (Audubon Park Lodge) have been asked, and I have consented, to do the Fellowcraft Degree at the one day conferral October 28th, 2006 at the downtown Temple . I will ask for help (volunteers) to fill the chairs and stations for this unique event. It is a bit controversial, but it is a good way to get the Brothers through their degree work and become active in the Lodges. It is also an awe inspiring thing to see that many men and Brothers becoming Masons at one time!

See you in Lodge,

Bill Wilson
Worshipful Master


From the West...

Well, Lib and I just got home from a delicious steak dinner with wonderful friends.  I highly recommend it for everyone!  It is a pleasant way to spend an evening with good food, friendship and conversation.  I want to thank everyone that contributed to this wonderful evening.  If you get the chance next month, please join us for our monthly "Family Night" get-together it gives us each a chance to touch base with one another and each others lives.

     I don't have a lot to say this time around, except that I am looking forward to the year 2006-2007 as your Senior Warden and working, learning and gaining knowledge from my fellow Brothers for the year 2007-2008.  I want to do Audubon Park Lodge proud and am going to make it a goal for this up coming term to prepare myself with the help of each of you.

     With lessons from the past, knowledge learned today and aspirations for the future I can go forward with the foundation of ability to represent and to present the Masonic Order to my fellow Masons and to young men who wish to become Masons .  Thank you for your guidance and support.     "Watch out for the Spooks and Goblins"!

"Remember to share your smiles as you never know who might need one".

Bill Queen
Senior Warden

From the South...

September family night steak feed was a great evening.  Over 30 members of our Lodge family attended.  The steaks were excellent and all the dishes brought to share made quite a feast.  I want to thank all who came, it made for a wonderful dinner.  This month’s family night is Oct. 25 at 6:30 p.m.   It will be a true potluck.  Please join us and bring your favorite Halloween dish to share. I hope to see everyone on the 25th.

In Other News...

From the Secretary's Desk ...

Br. Earl Elkins passed away Feb. 2006 in Vancouver .  His wife and family have planned a "Life Celebration" event on 10/21/06 at 3pm at the Spokane Country Club.  His wife spent many hours at the Shrine hospital.  Audubon Park Lodge members have been asked to be present and share their memories with those in attendance.  I did not know Br. Elkins, however I am planning on attending and would like 5 or more brothers to go with me.  Please let me know if you can attend. 


Dues notices for 2007 will be mailed as soon as the cards are received from Grand Lodge. Please remit your dues promptly as this does help the Lodge and its finances. 


Grand Lodge Life Membership:  Please consider purchasing a Grand Lodge life membership prior to end of December.  If you do, the dues you would pay for 2007 will be applied to the purchase of the life membership.  The funds for the program are invested in the Grand Lodge pool and Audubon Park Lodge receives interest annually from the pool.   The Lodge has around $46,000.00 invested in this pool and received a little over 5% last year.  The benefit to the Lodge is the interest from the pool continues to come to the Lodge forever.  The benefit to members is we do not have to pay regular dues.  I believe this is a win-win for Masons and Lodge. 


It has been a privilege serving you and A.P. Lodge this past year as your Secretary. Always feel free to call, write or email your comments, suggestions to me.

Fraternally Yours:

W.Br. Eric E. Berman

Audubon Park Masonic Building Association

It was a very quiet month at Lodge, from the perspective of the Temple Board , regarding Lodge maintenance; Brother Jerel Rowe did some routine maintenance on the boiler and discovered the "whatchamacalit" wasn't functioning properly.  Since this didn't allow the boiler to work properly either, he needed to order a replacement.  Hopefully by the time you read this the new part will be installed and the boiler functioning properly.  With luck the weather will hold a few more weeks and we won't need to use it.

     The Lodge will be rented three of four weekends during October for weddings and receptions.  That is good revenue for us, but also means we couldn't find a weekend for a routine maintenance and repair work party.  Stay tuned - we'll schedule one before the snow flies so you can all come down and help.

     Since Trinity Lutheran Church completed their new education building they no longer rent our church for Sunday school each week.  However, just this week we made an agreement with a local church to rent the entire building each Sunday for services. That will also be a nice regular source of income to help toward maintenance and upkeep of our beautiful Lodge.

     Finally, WB Eric Berman purchased a new phone and answering machine for the Lodge.  We were experiencing problems with the old one and believe we "missed" some potential renters due to their inability to get through.  With the new machine we can check it from home fairly easily and will do so regularly, thus ensuring we get phone messages, especially from those seeking to rent the Lodge."


WB Chuck Young

Happening at the Lodge

Our September Stated meeting was very busy will a lot of work to be done after being dark for two months.  VWB Chuck Young, Deputy of the Grandmaster in District 27 of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington made his official visit to our Lodge.  A memorial for Br. Earl Elkins was conducted.  Several reports were made including the foundation at about $134,000, membership at 138 brothers and sickness and distress.  It was reported that there are several scholarship available for college from Grand Lodge.  Contact WB Eric for more information.  After a Masonic education and closing of Lodge the brothers retired the social hall for refreshments and fellowship. Don’t miss out on all the happenings at Lodge; come to your Lodge this month.

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation.

Have you seen our "new Social Hall?  It really looks great!  Fresh paint, new window coverings, floors cleaned and refinished.  There are cork tack board around the walls of the Hall to hang decorations for our events and rental usage, without harming the wall, wood work, ceiling and paint.  And the tack boards are being used!  Please take the opportunity to visit us and see for yourself.  There remain more designs on the Temple Trestle Board, a list of to dos, when we have funds to help.  Please take pride in knowing you have helped in what has been accomplished by every donation, raffle ticket, attendance at a fun event such as a dance or corned beef dinner, clam chowder feed, etc.


The foundation board of directors has requested the Temple Board and Lodge officers submit to us their "wish list" for funding next year.  The Temple Board has requested funding for cleaning and repair of the upstairs window drapes and the red curtains in the East and West.  The Lodge has requested consideration be given to a new reading program "Bikes for Kids."  This is a reading program where kids read books and receive "credit" which is dropped into a jar.  At Christmas break and summer break the name of a boy and girl are drawn and a total of four bikes given away.  Grand Master, Charles McQuery, has adopted the program as his favorite charity.  We know of $5,000.00 of project funding we could assist with, if the funds were available.  This is where the Foundation can help if and when it has the income to assist with the requests. 


Audubon Park Masonic Foundation's stated purpose: To financially assist the Temple Building , Lodge, Youth and other charities."  The foundation is pleased to have been able to financially meet our charitable obligation by assisting the temple building, Lodge, Rainbow girls, Job's daughters, Scottish Rite speech center and school district kids reading programs.  We look forward to financially assisting in 2007.  However it takes money to do so, this is where each of us can help and make a difference.  


I will present this communication to our members and ask if there are Brothers willing to assist in helping to fund a specific project such as the drapery repair & cleaning or the reading program "Bikes for Books." 

I enjoy very much serving on the Board of the Foundation and witness its beginning and growth. 

Fraternally Yours:
WB Eric E. Berman, Sec-Treas. APMF


The Pillars

Do you find them interesting? Are they relevant? Is there too little or too much information? Would you like to see something different? Should they be sent less often? Is email an option for you? Would just a post card listing the upcoming activities be adequate?

For many years the Lodge officers have struggled with the question of how we keep our Brothers informed in relation to the expense incurred doing so. Reviewing the budget and bring expenses in line with projected revenue, one of the items being discussed is the expense of printing and mailing the Pillars. W.M. Bill Wilson has taken under consideration several proposals. He may choose to change nothing or he may make minor or major changes. The Pillars are prepared and bulk mailed to some 200 addresses 10 times a year at a cost of about $141.00 an issue. The expense is approx one-fifth of the budget. The Lodge officers are very sensitive to the fact that many of our Brothers live miles from us. It may have been years since a Brother has had the opportunity to visit his Lodge, and the Pillars is the only contact he may have with us in Spokane. We want to make sure everyone still feels welcome and connected to our Lodge. Please take a moment and give us your opinion.

Famous Masons' Corner
Denton True “Cy” Young (1867-1955) The grand old man of baseball, the first pitcher inducted into the Hall of Fame.  He was the only pitcher in the first 100 years of baseball to win 500 games.  Raised in Mystic Tie Lodge No. 194, Ohio , 1904.


Masonic Quiz

Q:  What general symbol is used by Freemasonry?

A:  The trowel.


Q:  What is the symbolic covering of the Lodge?

A:  See the November issue of the Pillars for the answer.

Who do I talk to?
If you want something put into the Pillars or to contact the Lodge secretary:
Audubon Park Masonic Lodge #272
POB 9575
Spokane, WA 99209-9575

Secretary: W.Br. Eric E. Berman 509-328-2910 email:
Pillars Editor: Br. Barry Rettkowski 509-928-0075 email:


Calendar of Events

October 2006

10/11   October Stated Meeting – “Officer Election Night” - 7:00 p.m.

10/12   Ivanhoe Chapter #80 – Order of Eastern Star – 7:30 p.m.

10/24   Temple Board Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

10/25   Family Night Potluck – 6:30 p.m.

10/27   Installation of Officers – 7:00 p.m.

10/28   1 Day Conferral at Spokane Masonic Temple 8:00 a.m.


November 2006

11/8     November Stated Meeting – “Honoring Veterans” - 7:00 p.m.

11/12   Ivanhoe Chapter #80 – Order of Eastern Star – 7:30 p.m.

11/15   Family Night Potluck – 6:30 p.m.

11/28   Temple Board Meeting – 6:00 p.m.





Officers 2005-2006

Worshipful Master     WB Bill Wilson

Senior Warden           B Bill Queen

Junior Warden           B Allan Jones

Treasurer                    WB Floyd Morse

Secretary                   WB Eric Berman

Chaplain                    WB Chuck Young

Marshal                      B Robert McVicker

Senior Deacon            B Barry Rettkowski

Junior Deacon            B Rob Queen

Senior Steward -------

Junior Steward -------

Tyler                           B Bob Shives
Grand Junior Warden   RWB Douglas Tucker