The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


October 2002
Volume 3, Number 10



From the East ...

In October we elect a new team of Officers for 2003. Hard to believe, but nearly a year has past since my installation as Master of Audubon Park 272. As I prepare to leave the East, I look back on the year with a heart full gratitude and pride. I extend sincere gratitude to Senior Warden John Smith and Junior Warden Bob Good for their full unswerving support and enthusiasm. With their help, my job was made easier. I am grateful to WB Floyd Morse and VWB Douglas Tucker for their outstanding services as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Kudos too, to my able Senior Deacon Bro.Chuck Young and Junior Deacon WB Franz Adelquist. I am also grateful to those specialists of the team: WB Dick Hawley as Chaplain, Bro. Bill Wilson as Marshal, VWB Gaylon Arisman as Steward and VWB Chester Echelbarger as Tyler. In addition I want to recognize the able help given by other brethren whom we don't see every month in Lodge but who come to help with the ritual on degree nights: MWB Harold Tucker, WB Gordon Vails, WB Dean Tucker, WB Eric Berman and WB Chuck Anderson. To all these worthy brethren I want to say "Thank you" for your support. With your help, we had one heck of a good year!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Also, I want to thank Mrs. Sherry Nerger, Guardian and the Job's Daughters of Bethel of 64 for their outstanding service. They helped serve food at our Corn Beef 'n Cabbage Dinner and our Pipes 'n Kilts Night. Their enthusiasm and hard work contributed so much to the success of these events. A tip-of-the-Master's hat to you find ladies!                                                                                              

You'll notice this month's Pillars is a little bulkier. We've enclosed two inserts. The first is a mini-gazette of sorts which summarizes highlights of the past year. I hope to make this a regular feature and the conclusion of every Master's term of office. The second insert is a letter from WB Eric Berman and an invitation for donations for the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation. The Foundation continues to grow, albeit slowly, toward its goal. This past year with donations from all sources, together with investment earnings, the Foundation has earned just under three thousand dollars. As of mid summer the Foundation's total assets stood at around $28,000. Remember, your donation is an investment in our Lodge's long term financial security. (By the way, these inserts were included at no additional cost to the Lodge.)


Our September Family Night was a huge success! It was a time to recognize and honor those brethren who have served our lodge so well this year and in the past. Twenty-five year Longevity Pins went to WB Richard "Dick" Turner and WB Marion "Mac" McElroy. Dick was Master at Audubon Park in 1983 and Secretary from 1995 to 2001. Mac was Master here in 1984. Our congratulations to these stalwart brethren!

Two Hiram Awards were given. One went to WB Eric Berman for his work on hosting the highly successful dances this year. The other was awarded to Bro. Bill Wilson for his technical work putting together the lodge's new webpage. (If you haven't already done so, ...check us out at ). Hearty congratulations to these worthy brethren!

My personal thanks to all the wives who prepared such wonderful dishes for the evening's meal. You just can't beat Pot Luck dinners! It was nice to see little Rebecca Good (Bob and Lisa's five year old daughter) at the dinner too. She brings such a youthful sparkle to these events.

I am looking forward to continued growth for Audubon Park 272 in 2003. We have a good lodge with lots of promising prospects. I look forward to continued service with Bro. John Smith next year. But for now, ...farewell from the East!

Paul J. Vielle

Worshipful Master


From the West ...

Here it is October once more. I am still trying to get used to writing 2002 on my checks. It's time for my final letter for the Pillars as your Senior Warden. The wages I most want to pay go to our country's leaders and the United Stated military forces. They have kept us safe on our own soil. It is a shame that the Moslem world was unable to police itself so that 9-11 never occurred. But it did. So our sons and daughters went into harm's way and did it for them. I say 'God Bless Them'.

This has been a year of mixed blessings. My older brother has been diagnosed with liver cancer and is not expected to live until next summer. My mother is suffering with emphysema and has only 35% of her lung capacity. I have finally gotten on the program to get rid of the Hepatitis C that has been a hidden menace in my life for so many years. I'll be finished with the treatment program by the end of February 2003.

I must also pay wages to our lodge secretary, WB Floyd Morse. Over the course of the summer, WB Morse managed to rent the hall enough to pay the bills that were incurred and to still have a little left over for the coming year. Also, to everyone who helped make WM Vielle's year a smooth and snag-free enterprise, I say 'Thank You'.

I would hope that you will be as kind to me and my team in the coming year.

I want to remind everyone that at our next stated meeting, October 9, we will be electing our slate of officers for 2003. This is an important meeting and I'm hoping for a good turnout. I can tell you some interesting things are planned for next year.

John M. Smith

Senior Warden


From the South ...

Here we are in the fall of 2002 and what a busy season this is for us. We have the Pie Feed at Malden Lodge followed by the Lumber Jack feed at Newport Lodge. Then in October, we have our own elections at Audubon Park. In late October we'll be having a special Family Night honoring the widows and wives of Masons.

This grand event will take place on October 30th. This is a night to pay particular attention to those wonderful ladies who support our Masonic activities. Without that support we could hardly carry on our work. This will be a Pot Luck dinner ... with a difference. The ladies shouldn't have to cook! Brethren, let's try this for a change: "Honey, I forgot to mention this is a Pot Luck dinner. But not to worry, I'll just slip down to the local grocery deli and pick up a few dishes." I'm sure our ladies would appreciate not having to prepare any food. This night is for all Audubon Park Lodge #272 Masonic widows. I will be asking for volunteers to assist in the transportation of some of our elder widows.

I will not further strain your eye, but simply request your attendance at this traditional event. The only way to know what will happen is to be here.

Bob Good

Junior Warden


In Other News ...

(Ed. Note) I neglected to mention in last month's Pillars, that at the June Stated Communication, Brothers Bill Wilson and Bill Queen gave their Master Mason Proficiencies in open lodge. And well done it was! We congratulate these worthy Brethren on this important accomplishment.

At a Special Communication on September 15, Brother Mark T. Anderson was passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft Mason. Junior Warden, Bro. Bob Good conferred the degree and WB Tony Holloway from Medical Lake 102 delivered the lecture. In all we had about 12 brethren in attendance. The ritual went very well indeed. Many thanks to everyone who made the evening a success. Congratulations Brother Mark!


In Memoriam ...

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of another Brother to the Celestial Lodge above. WB Charles C. Anderson passed away September 28, 2002. Brother Anderson was Master of Audubon Park 272 in 1982. He received his 25 year membership pin in March 2002. We will have a memorial service for him at our October stated meeting.


Famous Mason's Corner:

Harold C. Lloyd (1894-1971). Movie star and producer who won world fame with his comedies with the Hal E. Roach studios. His large horned-rimmed glasses (without lenses) and a straw hat were his "trademark." Raised in Alexander Hamilton Lodge No. 535 in Los Angeles, California 1925. Member of the Royal Arch. Director of the Shrine Hospital for Children. In 1949 he became the Imperial Potentate for North America.


Masonic Quiz:

Q: Why is the Beehive emblematic of Freemasonry?

A: It is the perfect emblem of the power of industry; what on one bee, or succession of individual bees, could accomplish, is easy when hundreds of them work together at one task at one time.

Q: What is a "lewis"?

A: See next month's Pillars!


Calendar of Events


1 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

9 Stated Communication, 7:00 p.m. Election of Officers for 2003

15 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

19 Installation of Officers for 2003, 10:00 a.m.

30 Widows and Wives' Dinner


5 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

13 Stated Communication, 7:00 p.m. Veterans Program

19 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.



Special Addendum - - - - - October 2002:

The Audubon Park 272 Gazette

(being a Summary of Year 2001-2002 )

1. Notable Events and Activities

Started the Year with a written Action Plan

Raised two new Master Masons and passed one Fellowcraft Mason

Established a Webpage for the Lodge. See:

Improved financial security of the Lodge through increased rental income

Fostered Intra-District cooperation with another Lodge.

(Oriental Lodge 74 worked with Audubon park 272 to co-host the Kilts n' Pipes Night.)

Made improvements to the furnishings and appointments of the Lodge

Inaugurated a Movie Discussion Group

Opened & closed stated meetings with incidental music

Inaugurated a Long Range Planing Committee

Continued support for Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters

Continued support for Masonic Education Program at Stated Meetings

Continued support for Operation Outreach, (the childrens' literacy program)

Continued support for Audubon Park Masonic Foundation


2. Improvements to Lodge

Repaired drinking fountains - VWB Chester Echelbarger

Repaired lodge chairs - VWB Echelbarger, Bro. Bill Queen, WB Paul Vielle

Repaired dining room tables - WB Eric Berman

Repaired flush valve in men's restroom - VWB Echelbarger

Rewired the Three Lesser Lights - Bro. Bill Wilson

Repaired coffee pots - VWB Echelbarger, WBVielle

Renovated secretary's room - WB Vielle, VWB Echelbarger

Assembled new desk in secretary's room - Bro. John Smith

Erected new shelving in and painted the furnace room - VWB Echelbarger

Applied new aluminum siding to storage shed - VWB Echelbarger

Repaired overhead lighting fixture in foyer - Bro. Queen

New vacuum cleaner - WB Berman

General grounds keeping - VWB Echelbarger, MWB Harold Tucker


3. Degrees Conferred:

Bill Wilson - 2nd & 3rd Degrees

Bill Queen - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degrees

Mark Anderson - 1st & 2nd Degrees


4. Awards, Recognition & Special Events

VWB Douglas E. Tucker appointed Deputy of the Grand Master in District 27.

VWB Gaylon R. Arisman appointed Deputy of the Grand Master in District 26.

WB Eric Berman received Hiram Award for his leadership in fund-raising for the

APM Foundation and organizing the Valentine and 'La Vie en Rose' Dances.

Bro. Bill Wilson received the Hiram Award for his work in setting up a webpage

for Audubon Park Lodge.

WB Paul J. Vielle received The Grand Lodge 'Proficiency in Lodge Management'

certificate from Grand Lodge.

Bro. Bob Good attended the Masters and Wardens Seminar (Wenatchee-March).

And finally, Audubon Park Lodge 272 received special recognition from Grand

Lodge, being awarded the Pillar of Progress Award for Family Involvement.


5. Membership Longevity Awards

50 year membership pin awarded to

Bro. Andrew J. Petefish

40 year membership pins were sent to:

Bro. Robert N. Brown

Bro. Bernard Olliff

25 year membership pins went to:

WB Richard Turner

WB Marion MacElroy

WB Charles Anderson

WB Eric E. Berman

Bro. Glenn R. Carter

Bro. Douglas R. Waali


6. Departed Brethren

Bro. Joseph Iron

Bro. Norris Smith

Bro. Ray Blair

WB Glain Cook

WB Walter Lipp

WB Charles C. Anderson


7. Special Masonic Events

Hosting the Grand Lodge One-Day Conferral - November

Past Masters' Night - January

Bring-a-Grandson-to-Lodge Night - February

Hosting the Grand Lodge Masonic Breakfast - June


8. Public Events/Activities

Christmas Gift Exchange - December

Valentines Dance - February (WB Eric Berman & WB Dick Roark)

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation's Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner - March

(Berman & Roark)

La Vie en Rose Dance - May (Berman & Roark)

Kilts n' Pipes Night - May (WB Paul Vielle & WB Jason Gordon)

Picnic-at-the-Lodge BBQ - June (Bro. John Smith)


9. Guest Speakers

Chaplain Ron Alter - Spokane Police Department (January)

WB John Manning - Eastern Washington Lodge of Research (January)

MW Robert L. VanZee - Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of

F. & A. M. of Washington (March)

Ms. Dee Zarudi - Volunteer Coordinator, Vanessa Behan Crises Nursery (April)


10. Topics & Speakers for Masonic Education:

October: Overview & Planning for 2002 - Bro. Paul Vielle, John Smith & Bob Good

November: Audie Murphy; Medal of Honor Recipient - Bro. Bill Wilson

December: The Role of the Tyler - VWB Chester Echelbarger

January: (Past Masters' Night)

February: The Holy Saints John - Bro. Bob Good

March: Grand Lodge's Grand Sword - Bro. Chuck Young

April: Origins of the Pledge of Allegiance - Bro. Bill Wilson

May: Leo Taxil, Master Forger - WB Paul Vielle

June: The Significance of the Moon in Masonic History - WB Franz Adelquist

September: The Halliwell Manuscript - WB Paul J. Vielle

(My sincere thanks to the brethren and the many friends of Audubon Park 272 for your faithful service and continued support this past year. As this summary indicates, much has been accomplished in 2001-2002 and we can be rightly pleased with the fruit of our labors. It has been a year of personal growth and instruction for me. I leave the East much wiser and full of gratitude for what I have learned. I look forward to continued service with Audubon Park 272 in the years to come. -PJV)