The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


November 2006
Volume 8, Number 9

From the East ...

Conferral, conferral, conferral …. What a month of conferrals! We have a new Fellowcraft Mason in our Lodge, Gary Syme! If he keeps up his proficiency work like he did for the Entered Apprentice, he will be a Master Mason in no time at all. Thanks goes out to the conferral team, Br. Bill Queen did an admirable job of conferring the Fellowcraft degree on Br. Gary Syme. Big thank you for the Brothers that sat in the chairs and helped make it a memorable night for Br. Gary.

Kudos to the One Day Conferral team from Audubon Park Lodge #272 and the great job they did with 25 candidates! Br. Bill Queen as SW, Br. Barry Rettkowski as JW, VWB Gaylon Arisman as JS, and VWB Chet Echelbarger as the JD. We had fill-ins for SD, WB Bill Wil ly, and WB Bill Butterbaugh as the Chaplain. It would have been nice to have all the chairs filled by Audubon Park Lodge Brothers, but we made do with what we had.

Our floor work is beginning to look up, but we still have a ways to go to be the best in Washington ! Having seen other’s floor work, I think we are one of the best in Spokane ! We have a couple of Brothers coming up in the ranks, so we need to keep sharp!

Speaking of coming up in the ranks, I am still looking for someone to fill the Senior Deacon’s chair. The others we can adapt to, but the SD is a very important chair that needs to be filled. If you would like to fill it, or have a name of someone that you think would be good there, please let me know. In fact, if you don’t want to move up in the chairs, we can work something out there. It has been done before and can be done again, if necessary.

See you in Lodge,

Bill Wilson
Worshipful Master


From the West...

I want to thank everyone for attending the installation of officers Friday night the 27th.  Your presence enhanced the experience of the evening for all of us.  We had the honor of several of the Grand Officers present at our installation, it was an honor to have them and visit with them.

We at Audubon Park Lodge are looking forward to seeing you throughout this coming year at our meetings and different events that will be taking place during 2006-2007.

I am striving for membership this coming year and for additional fellowship amongst our concordant bodies.  With the holiday season approaching us all too quickly, take the time to be thankful for what we have and the time to share with those that are not as fortunate.

"Remember to share your smiles as you never know who might need one".

Bill Queen
Senior Warden

From the South...

I would like to thank the brethren for electing me to the South.  I will work very hard to prove your faith in me.  The family night last month was a big success.  The turn out was great with many new faces joining the usual Audubon Park family member.  This month’s family night will be one week earlier on November 15 at 6:30 p.m.  Please join us for a true pot luck dinner.  Bring your favorite hot dish, salad or desert to share with all.

In Other News...

From the Secretary's Desk ...

You should have received your dues notices by now.  Please review the letter and remit them if not done so already.   Nine members have purchased life memberships.  They will be glad for making this wise decision; future Masons will be thanking us for making this wise decision as well.  If you require additional information, please just ask us. 

Should you move please inform the Secretary.  Last month I had ten returns which cost the Lodge $3.90 plus another $3.90 to send the Pillars first class.  Sometimes months go by before we have a correction. 

W.M. Bill Wil son was reinstalled as W.M.  He has a number of positions open and would like to fill the line.  If you have an interest in taking a small part please let me know. Audubon Park Lodge is a great lodge with wonderful brothers and officers.  It is a real joy to work with them so as one T.V. host would say "come on down" and join us. Do you remember his name? 

I would like to organize another food drive for the Food Bank for November and December holidays.  If you can spare a can or two for those who need it, please bring the items by the Lodge.  Or call me and if possible, we will pick them up.  If you live outside of the Spokane area, consider giving to your local food drive program.  Please let me know so I can inform the deputy of the Grand Master and him in turn the Grand Master. 

By the time you receive this Thanksgiving will be a few weeks away.  In the event we do not see each other before then I extend to you and your families -- Happy Thanksgiving.

It has been a privilege serving you and A.P. Lodge this past year as your Secretary. Always feel free to call, write or email your comments, suggestions to me.

Fraternally Yours:

W.Br. Eric E. Berman

Audubon Park Masonic Building Association

It was another very quiet month. We held our monthly Temple Board meeting, but didn't have a quorum due to the number of absences.  We did discover that someone had been "mucking about" with the boiler settings.  We are so fortunate to have Bro Jerel Rowe as a member of the Lodge.  He quickly determined the problem and made the necessary adjustments. 

We have rented the Lodge quite a bit in the past few months.  That has been both good and not so good.  The "good" has been the additional revenue.  The "not so good" has been the condition the Lodge has been left in several instances.  In at least one case whoever rented it left it in totally unacceptable condition for the next renter. 

To that end - if any of the brothers is interested or knows someone who may be - in being our Temple Manager please contact any of the members of the Temple Board .  We need to get a much better "handle" on who is renting the Lodge, for what purpose, at what price, and on what dates.  This is not a difficult job but will require someone who is available and can coordinate showing the building, preparing accurate rental agreements, collecting rent and damage deposits, and checking to insure the building is properly cleaned after each use. 

This is enough on this matter at this time.  Stay tuned and let us know if you know of someone who might be interested in taking over these important duties.  The alternative might be to stop renting the building, and I don't think any of us want that.


WB Chuck Young

Happening at the Lodge

If you weren’t at lodge October 11, you miss a busy lodge meeting.  There were reports from the Masonic building association, the foundation, the secretary, sickness and health and several others.  Richard Hentz was presented a certificate and several communications were read.  The lodge voted to support the Bikes for Books program this year.  New officers were elected for the coming year in the lodge.  RWB Douglas Tucker brought greetings from the Grand Master and reported on a trip to Grand Lodge of California.  Don’t miss out on the happenings at lodge; attend this month’s Stated meeting November 8 at 7:00 p.m.

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation.

Memorial Contributions were recently received to honor the memory of the following: Mary Emma Hentz, mother of W.B. Richard Hentz and wife of Br. Andrew Hentz, who visited us from Utah at our Oct Stated. 

Br. Earl C. Elkins, at the request of his wife, Ardella, Audubon Park Lodge also lead the participation in Br. Elkins Celebration of Life.   

Gertrude Berman, wife of Br. Warren H. Berman, who preceded her in his passing in 1997, mother of W.Br. Eric E. Berman and Br. Neil Berman.  To honor Warren and Gertrude, their seven children previously contributed a sum towards a window in the north side of the Social Hall.  Family, friends and Masons have contributed additional sums to the Memorial Program to help repair the drapery.    

Honorarium or Memorial Contributions can be made to honor any individual, or family they do not need to be a Mason.  The sums are invested and only the income can be used to repair or improve the Temple building.  To date the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation Memorial & Honorarium Fund has received $3,308.83 from 42 contributors.  Please consider honoring a loved one or friend during their life time or when they pass on.  

Required minimum distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts now can be made directly to Audubon Park Masonic Foundation and avoid declaring the distribution as income!!  If you need more information regarding or assistance in arranging the distribution please let me know.    

With Thanksgiving approaching, the Board of Directors of the foundation extends their best fraternal wishes to you Brothers and your families.

Fraternally Yours:
WB Eric E. Berman, Sec-Treas. APMF


The Pillars

Do you find them interesting? Are they relevant? Is there too little or too much information? Would you like to see something different? Should they be sent less often? Is email an option for you? Would just a post card listing the upcoming activities be adequate?

For many years the Lodge officers have struggled with the question of how we keep our Brothers informed in relation to the expense incurred doing so. Reviewing the budget and bring expenses in line with projected revenue, one of the items being discussed is the expense of printing and mailing the Pillars. W.M. Bill Wilson has taken under consideration several proposals. He may choose to change nothing or he may make minor or major changes. The Pillars are prepared and bulk mailed to some 200 addresses 10 times a year at a cost of about $141.00 an issue. The expense is approx one-fifth of the budget. The Lodge officers are very sensitive to the fact that many of our Brothers live miles from us. It may have been years since a Brother has had the opportunity to visit his Lodge, and the Pillars is the only contact he may have with us in Spokane. We want to make sure everyone still feels welcome and connected to our Lodge. Please take a moment and give us your opinion.

Famous Masons' Corner
Oliver Hardy, 1892-1957, comedian of stage and screen and half of the Laurel and Hardy team.  He was a member of Solomon Lodge No. 20, Florida . 


Masonic Quiz

Q:  What is the symbolic covering of the Lodge?

A:  A celestial canopy, or starry decked heaven.  

Q:  What two sciences have always been held in special reverence by Freemasons?

A:  See the December issue of the Pillars for the answer.

Who do I talk to?
If you want something put into the Pillars or to contact the Lodge secretary:
Audubon Park Masonic Lodge #272
POB 9575
Spokane, WA 99209-9575

Secretary: W.Br. Eric E. Berman 509-328-2910 email:
Pillars Editor: Br. Barry Rettkowski 509-928-0075 email:


Calendar of Events

November 2006

11/8     November Stated Meeting – “Honoring Veterans” - 7:00 p.m.

11/12   Ivanhoe Chapter #80 – Order of Eastern Star – 7:30 p.m.

11/15   Family Night Potluck – 6:30 p.m.

11/28   Temple Board Meeting – 6:00 p.m.


December 2006

12/13   November Stated Meeting – “Honoring Veterans” - 7:00 p.m.

12/14   Ivanhoe Chapter #80 – Order of Eastern Star – 7:30 p.m.

12/20   Family Night Potluck – 6:30 p.m.

12/26   Temple Board Meeting – 6:00 p.m.





Officers 2005-2006

Worshipful Master     WB Bill Wilson

Senior Warden            B Bill Queen

Junior Warden            B Barry Rettkowski

Secretary                     WB Eric Berman

Treasure                       WB Floyd Morse

Chaplain                        VWB Gaylon Arisman

Marshal                          -------

Senior Deacon                -------

Junior Deacon                B Rob Queen

Senior Steward               -------

Junior Steward               -------

Tyler                                 -------

Senior Grand Warden    RWB Douglas E. Tucker

Deputy of District 27              VWB Chuck Young