The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


November 2003
Volume 5, Number 9

From the East ...

Be careful what you wish for; see what happened to me, I'm lost in the East.

First I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for a successful installation of Audubon Park Lodge #272 2004 officers:

Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters - for providing such beautiful escorts

Most Worshipful Brother Harold Tucker - for installing all of us

Very Worshipful Brother Chester Echelbarger - for being our Chaplin

Very Worshipful Brother Doug Tucker - for being our installing secretary

Worshipful Brother Dean Whittier - our installing marshal

With our next stated meeting occurring just after Veterans Day, I would like all of our brethren to wear their military uniforms, or at least their ribbons. I am planning a military theme for the meeting and would like to honor the members of Audubon Park Lodge #272 who have served our country. Without whom, we may not have the freedom to meet as Free and Accepted Masons.

I would like the members to be prepared for a possible major event affecting the future of our lodge. I have been in contact with another lodge that is considering consolidation with us. I have been asked to keep the specifics quite until their membership make a decision. If they choose to pursue this option our secretary will send each of you a letter providing the specifics and requesting your attendance for the consolidation vote. So, brethren, please assist me with honoring our veterans and determining the future of our lodge by being present at our next stated meeting November 12th, 2003.

Bob Good

Worshipful Master

From the West...

WOW - Can you believe it? I can't! What, you ask? Well - it seems like only yesterday that I called WB Dick Hawley and volunteered to be his Junior Deacon. I figured if I was going to be in Lodge I ought to have a "comfortable" place to sit and be a part of the "action". Little did I intend or anticipate that I would be your newly elected Senior Warden in such a short time. The time sure has flown. Brethren, I am honored and humbled that you have demonstrated your faith in me to sit "in the West" for this next year. I am really looking forward to working even more closely with WM Bob Good and JW Bill Wilson and to serving you. We are going to have a GREAT year - with the assistance of ALL the Brethren.

Bob told me that I need to write about Senior Warden "stuff" so I'm pleased to report that we now have two new Master Masons. Brother Doug Brossoit and Mr. Ken Leger participated in the one day conferral at the Masonic Temple Saturday October 25, 2003. Doug called me earlier in the week and said he wanted to go through the one day conferral. Ken Leger wanted to do so as his cousin was to be here for his raising and this date worked for him. You would have been proud of your Audubon Park degree team. We were invited by VWB Doug Tucker to administer the first degree on Saturday. The team comprised of Bob Good, John Smith, Bill Wilson, Bill Queen, Dean Whittier, Franz Adelquist, and yours truly had the honor. It was a lot of fun and quite a challenge as 30 men were made EAMS, with our own Brother Ken Leger "leading the pack".

Speaking of "new Masons" Jerrel Rowe has begun his proficiency work and according to his coach, Allan Jones, he is making very good progress. Keep up the good work Jerrel, we are all available to assist you as you study to become proficient.

We also had the chance to pass Barry Rettkowski to Fellow craft this month. Brother Bob Good was in the East for the obligation and made the evening special for Brother Barry. Barry and Jerrel have both quickly become very active in Lodge. That's what we need - more good men who are willing to step up and contribute. Thanks Brothers!

So you see - this year has already started off good - two new Master Masons, a Fellow Craft, and an Entered Apprentice. Plus the chance to show the Grand Lodge officers and the others in attendance at the one day conferral the good work the Brethren of Audubon Park #272 are capable of performing. This is going to be a GREAT year!!

Chuck R. Young

Senior Warden

In Other News...

APMF QUICK NOTES: W. Br. Eric E. Berman Greetings

Brothers: We hope you have had a great summer, Fall is now upon us. Our weather has changed and soon we will have our first snow. Audubon Park Lodge 272 is a wonderful Lodge; and it has experienced changes as the seasons and years have past. By holding our annual elections and installation, we have new officers. Over time we have added names to the roll of the workmen. Sadly, the Three-D's have taken there toll: Demits, Deaths and NPDs. And with the change of the seasons and passing of time, the finances of Audubon Park Lodge 272 have changed as well.

For many years the net amount from Members Dues (the amount the Lodge keeps) has not been sufficient to pay any one of its major expenses: Insurance, Property Tax, Utilities, supplies and etc. Therefore the balance between net dues and expenses needs to be made up from other sources. Typically: Temple Building Rentals, gifts, bequests, fund raisers and from time to time Audubon Park Masonic Foundation.

This brings us to the "Purpose of the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation." To create a $100,000.00 permanent fund by raising money and investing same for long term. To help support Audubon Park Masonic Lodge, Temple Building and our charities. Proudly we report our Permanent Fund is now in excess of $45,000.00, and growing.

FUND RAISING LETTER: As of this date APMF has received $925.00 from the October Fund Raising Letter. We anticipate there will be additional donations in November and December.

HONORARY AND MEMORIAL DONATIONS: Honorary Donations can be made to Honor living persons and Memorial Donations to Honor deceased persons. We have recently received Memorial Donations for Brothers Nick Timmers and Robert Rader. Is there a special person you would like to Honor? Please note, it is not necessary for the person to have been a member of our Lodge.

ALUMINUM CANS: Update. We have collected another 25 pounds of cans. We receive 5 cents more per pound when we turn in 100 pounds or more. Please call me to arrange for me to pick up your cans. Or take them to coffee on Wednesdays at ZIPS, N. Division; or, to Lodge. Do you live out or the area? Please consider saving your cans and take them to your local recycler and send the proceeds to APMF.

SERENDIPITY FUND JARS: Small change adds up when a number of us save our pennies and donate them. The annual "Dumping of the Jars" will occur on March 17, 2004 at our Corned Beef Dinner. At last count we collected in excess of $423.00 from this effort. Anne has decorated special "Mason Jars" for collecting change and upon request we will get a special jar to you.

ASSET TRANSFERS: It is the time of the year for all of us to review our investment portfolios. We may need to consider making a number of decisions and or changes. We may find investments we no longer favor, or we no longer care to hold. It may be many or only be a few shares or represent little value to us. APMF will consider accepting the transfer of these assets. We can assist you in transferring assets to APMF if you request our assistance.

As a reminder, we can still reach our 12/31/2004 year end goal of $50,000 by 12/31/2003 by receiving a few more donations between now and the end of 2003. Let us know if you can help us. I can be reached by email or 509-328-2910. Write or call me anytime.

Fraternally Yours: W.B. Eric E. Berman

Save Those Aluminum Cans Here's an easy fund-raising idea. Why not save those aluminum cans and donate them to the Foundation? They can be sold to the recycling industry for cash. Recently WB Eric Berman turned in 78 pounds of aluminum cans and received $31.20, -which was donated to the Foundation. Just another idea. But if you are saving cans for APMF, Eric says he'll pick them up. No amount is too small; it all adds up. As of Oct 1, the total assets of the Foundation stand at a little over $43,000.00!

Famous Masonís Corner

Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. (1930). (Better know as Buzz). The first Freemason and one of the first two human beings to walk on another celestial body when he followed Neil Armstrong onto the lunar surface on July 20th, 1969. Incidentally his mothers maiden name was (Moon). Raised in Montclair Lodge #144, N.J. in 1956. Member of all bodies and received the 33rd degree in (SJ).

Masonic Quiz

Q: Where was George Washington made a Mason?

A. In (the lodge at Fredericksburg) in Virginia, initiated on November 4th, 1752.


Q: Who was a pilot in the Air Force from 1941 to 1945 who now lives on a Mountaintop in Arizona?

A: See next month's Pillars!

Calendar of Events


4 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.

12 Stated Meeting (Veterans Theme), 7:00 p.m.

18 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.

19 Family Night



2 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.

10 Stated Meeting (Veterans Theme), 7:00 p.m.

16 Bethel 64 of Job's Daughters meeting, 7:00 p.m.

17 Family Night -Gift Exchange and Toys for Tots.




WB Bob Good, Worshipful Master

B Check Young, Senior Warden

B Bill Wilson, Junior Warden

VWB Doug Tucker, Treasurer

WB Floyd Morse, Secretary

B Bill Queen, Senior Deacon

B Alan Jones Junior Deacon

WB John Smith, Junior Steward

B Rob Queen, Tyler