The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


May 2006
Volume 8, Number 5

From the East ...

Well, Joeys, another Circus has come and gone.... oops, wrong newsletter! This has been a very busy month between Stated meetings, 2 Fellowcraft conferrals, and also the Shrine Circus. Not to forget the refinishing of the Dining Room floor, either! I have met myself coming as I was going several times already.

The Dining Room floor has been finished with an oil base basketball court finish. It took 5 gallons more finish than we had planned on, boy was the wood dry! I didn't realize that we had one of the last remaining "floating" wood floors in Spokane. Because of this and the fact that a lot of the scratches and gouges were 1/4" deep, we couldn't sand it all out. At present there are 3 coats of finish on the floor to get it to where it is now. It may take another coat or two (5 gallons more of finish) to get it 100% sealed, but that will have to wait a couple of months to let the floor cure out completely. Just be careful and don't drag anything over it; show it the same respect you would show your floor at home, and it should last another 10 years, or so.

As of Thursday the 27th, we now have 2 new Fellowcraft Masons in our Lodge! Brothers Ray Lader and Sam Atwood had their FCM degrees conferred upon them that night. I want to thank those that helped make it a memorable night for them, by being there and helping with the positions. Those that weren't there were missed, and it is hoped that they will be able to make it to the next one.

Remember, you are what makes this Lodge! If you don't show up for the functions, then there is no Lodge! We have all worked hard to make Audubon Park what it is, and it would be a travesty to let it go the way of other Lodges that are no longer in existence! It is your Lodge; you make it what is; be proud of it and what you have done, and show you care by getting involved with it! No one can force you to do it, you have to want to do it and be part of the body of the Lodge. Don't wait for "George to do it"!

See you in Lodge!

Bill Wilson
Worshipful Master


From the West...

April Showers bring May flowers. It is hard to believe we are already into the month of May. I remember my Parents saying as you got older time flew by faster and they weren't kidding!! First off, I want to congratulate our two new Brother Fellowcraft Masons on their 2nd degree. I want to thank each of you for pro-teming and helping to make this ceremony memorable for our two Brothers. I am looking forward to seeing each of you at our meetings.

I attended the Job's Daughters initiation last week and it was a very impressive ceremony. Hopefully we will see more Brothers from Audubon Park on the sidelines at Jobs. It means so much to them to have us present. Several of the Girls approached us after the meeting and shared their thanks with us for attending.

We took our Family to the Shrine Circus today and had a wonderful time. It brings home the realization of the foundation of Blue Lodge, as the cornerstone of the Shrine and the good that we all can do as a Fraternal Brotherhood. My thanks to the wonderful Gentlemen in the Animal Patrol and the Clown Patrol, you brought lots of smiles to lots of children of all ages today and always. Our Granddaughters really enjoyed meeting several of you and when the circus was over Madison and Hannah commented that...... "That was Awesome"!!!

"Remember to share your smiles as you never know who might need one".

Bill Queen
Senior Warden

From the South...

Many thanks to all who attended last month's family night. The selection of food was great. This month's family night will be held Wednesday night May 24, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. It will be a true pot luck dinner. Please bring your favorite dish to share with all. Hope to see everyone there

In Other News...

From the Secretary's Desk ...

It appears the office is running relatively smoothly and the secretary is involved in the normal course of business. There remain a few outstanding membership dues. A number of bills have come in for the Temple Building; insurance and taxes, the Lodge will need to address them at its Stated meeting in May.

If you are out of the area and we have not heard from you lately, consider writing a note and letting us know what you are doing with your life. If you are doing Masonic visits this would be of interest to our members as well. I just heard from one of our long lost brothers, W.Br. Phil Rhea. He is in AZ and enjoying retirement and a little travel. He is practicing with jam groups and plays drums for several bands in the area. Life is good he says.

If you move please notify us so we can correct our and the mailers records. And save us return postage as well. Please enjoy the spring days. Soon summer will be upon us and we will be complaining about the heat.

Fraternally Yours:

W.Br. Eric E. Berman

Audubon Park Masonic Building Association

While I haven't yet had a chance to see them, I have heard from a couple very reputable sources, that the floors in the dining room and Hillyard room look VERY NICE. Many thanks go to WM Bill Wilson and his son for the many hours of hard work to remove the old finish and apply the new. I believe at least two coats were required but the result was worth the effort. Please ask WM Bill the name of the brother who gave approval to have this work done at materials cost only. That savings was in excess of $200 I believe. Also ask WM Bill how his back and knees are after all the work.

Because the floors were refinished the week of April 23 and we couldn't use the building, the Temple Board meeting slated for April 25 was cancelled. As a consequence there isn't too much to report.

I do want to let you all know the reason you haven't seen me around the Lodge recently for Stated meetings and Lodge pot luck dinners is that I accepted a teaching assignment at Eastern Washington University. The class meets one day per week and it's every Wednesday until June 13. I'll be back in the fall and I want to thank those who have been filling the Chaplain's chair on my behalf during my absence.

I also want to let you all know how much I appreciate your kind words, calls, cards, and visits during my recent illness and hospitalization. I am fully recovered and except for a sore knee am in fine form!! As my wife says, "Getting old isn't for sissies".

That's all for this month.


WB Chuck Young

Happening at the Lodge

We had a very busy lodge meeting last month. In addition to the regular reports a memorial to Brother T. Woodrow "Woody" Wilson was presented, who was WM Bill Wilson's uncle. VWB Dean Heinemann announced the new deputy for District 27 will be our own WB Chuck Young. WB Bill Wilson will be a member of the credential committee. WB Dean Whitter was presented with his 25 year pin. GP Doug Morgan talked about the Shrine and the Scottish Rite and the programs each are involved in. Don't let another lodge meeting go by without you.

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation.

Masonry is full of symbols. There are several books, many articles, movies, and T.V. reporting about Masonry and symbols. The "hidden secrets" behind many have been discussed and are currently being explored.

The world of finance has many sets of symbols as well. You see stock tickers running across your screen. For 34 years I have worked in the world of finance with symbols such as: Present Value, Future Value, Principal, etc. At times it can be mind boggling.

This leads me to the management of the Foundation's assets base and the reports to the Board of Directors, Lodge, Lodge Members and public in general. We started 2006 with an asset base of $128,000 and currently have a base of $140,000. We received several larger and quite a few smaller donations. With an 8% return on the asset base we could end 2006 with an asset base of $160,000. All that I am able to do is explain the significance of why we are doing what we are doing. The future of our Temple building and Audubon Park Lodge may depend on our success.

We will be entering a quiet period of Masonic activity from mid June into September. If you want to make a donation to our Foundation please send me a check in the mail. We are able to handle asset transfers of stocks, bonds and mutual funds as well as other assets.

If any one desires a copy of our Nonprofit Corporation Federal Return Form 990, it is available and I will mail a copy to you.

Fraternally Yours:
WB Eric E. Berman, Sec-Treas. APMF


The Pillars

Do you find them interesting? Are they relevant? Is there too little or too much information? Would you like to see something different? Should they be sent less often? Is email an option for you? Would just a post card listing the upcoming activities be adequate?

For many years the Lodge officers have struggled with the question of how we keep our Brothers informed in relation to the expense incurred doing so. Reviewing the budget and bring expenses in line with projected revenue, one of the items being discussed is the expense of printing and mailing the Pillars. W.M. Bill Wilson has taken under consideration several proposals. He may choose to change nothing or he may make minor or major changes. The Pillars are prepared and bulk mailed to some 200 addresses 10 times a year at a cost of about $141.00 an issue. The expense is approx one-fifth of the budget. The Lodge officers are very sensitive to the fact that many of our Brothers live miles from us. It may have been years since a Brother has had the opportunity to visit his Lodge, and the Pillars is the only contact he may have with us in Spokane. We want to make sure everyone still feels welcome and connected to our Lodge. Please take a moment and give us your opinion.

Famous Masons' Corner
William Jennings Brant (1860-1925). He was Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson and presidential nominee three times. He was raised in Lincoln Lodge No. 19, Neb.

Masonic Quiz

Q: What symbolizes the "Perfect Ashlar"?
A: The mental and moral development of the individual that he may become acceptable in the sight of God.

Q: What are the ornaments of a lodge?
A: See the June issue of the Pillars for the answer.

Who do I talk to?
If you want something put into the Pillars or to contact the Lodge secretary:
Audubon Park Masonic Lodge #272
POB 9575
Spokane, WA 99209-9575

Secretary: W.Br. Eric E. Berman 509-328-2910 email:
Pillars Editor: Br. Barry Rettkowski 509-928-0075 email:


Calendar of Events

May 2006
5/10 May Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
5/11 Ivanhoe Chapter #80 - Order of Eastern Star - 7:30 p.m.
5/23 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.
5/24 Family Night - 6:30 p.m. Honoring Mothers and Widows

June 2006
6/08 Grand Lodge Communication - Wenatchee, WA
6/08 Ivanhoe Chapter #80 - Order of Eastern Star - 7:30 p.m.
6/14 June Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
6/24 Family Night - 6:30 p.m. Honoring Fathers
6/27 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.



Officers 2005-2006

Worshipful Master     WB Bill Wilson

Senior Warden           B Bill Queen

Junior Warden           B Allan Jones

Treasure                    WB Floyd Morse

Secretary                   WB Eric Berman

Chaplain                    WB Chuck Young

Marshal                      B Robert McVicker

Senior Deacon            B Barry Rettkowski

Junior Deacon            B Rob Queen

Senior Steward -------

Junior Steward -------

Tyler                           B Bob Shives
Grand Junior Warden   RWB Douglas Tucker