The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


May 2003
Volume 4, Number 6

From the East...

Here it is the month of May, all ready, and I find myself wondering where the sunshine went. We haven't seen very much of it yet this spring. But, my lawn is loving all the moisture.

The month of May has some surprises in store for the Brothers that come to Lodge. On the 7th we initiated EA Berry Rhettkowski. The Degree was masterfully put on by our JW Chuck Young, with the Lecture Given by WB Floyd Morse. The Charge was read by Yours Truly. His Mentor for the degrees will be SW Bob Good.

At our Stated Meeting on the 14th we will be reading another petition for the first time, with the intention of putting him into EA status before we go dark for the summer.

We held a meeting of the Temple Board last month and elected VW Bro. Chester Echelbarger as the Chairman. With WB Floyd Morse and Bro. Bill Queen as the other members. JW Chuck Young contacted the Ladies from the Daughters of the Nile, who graciously donated their time and energy to repair our Candidate clothing, and to make us some more hoodwinks. When you see Bro. Chuck, be sure to tell him what an asset he is to your Lodge.

This month we will hold our Potluck Family Night on the 28th with a surprise bit from my wife. What is it you ask? Come and see, or should I say listen?

During the Month of June we will be having a Kilts and Pipes night at our Family Night instead of our regular Potluck. More news on this later. That is all the news that I have for this month. Have a great Spring and come to Lodge, often.

John M. Smith

Worshipful Master

From the South...

Can you believe it's already May? Where has the year gone? Audubon Park Lodge had another nice dinner and dance sponsored yet again by WB Eric Berman with able assistance from his Lady Ann. I wasn't able to attend but reports were it was another very nice "Fandango". Thanks for all you do Eric and Ann.

Wednesday May 7 we initiated another Entered Apprentice Mason as Brother Barry Rettkowski was given the oath by yours truly and the able bodied team of first rate Masons from our Lodge. WB Floyd Morse did a great job delievering the lecture. The challenge was made to the brethren and Barry makes our third or fourth new Mason this year along with Rob Queen who transferred from Whitman County and another Brother who reactivated his membership after over 40 years. We have plenty of time to bring even more new Masons into the Lodge.

Our Potluck Dinner/Family Night will be either May 28. I'll have to miss it because I'll be in Ireland with the El Katif Shrine Potentate and his tour group. Also, mark your calendars for the Scottish Night on June 25. A fun evening is planned with good food, music and dancing. More details to come. Our next stated meeting is set for Wednesday May 14. See you there.

Charles R. Young

Junior Warden

In Other News...

Fandango Dance a Great Success!

On Friday, May 2, 2003 the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation sponsored a "Burrito Bar and Fandango Dance" This was a fundraiser for the Foundation. The event was coordinated by WB Eric Berman and Lady Anne. They did an outstanding job with the decorations, door prizes, the raffle and the food bar. There were about 80+ dancers there who really worked up an appetite, dancing to the live music provided by Three-Cord Dave. After bills were paid the event netted a $350.00 profit. All in all, it was a wonderful evening. Thank you Brother Eric and Lady Anne for a job well done!

Coffee Sales Follow-up

At the April stated communication, WB Floyd Morse reported that the I-90 Rest Stop Coffee Sales, which took place over a four-day period in early April, grossed $829.00 ! After the bills were paid the Lodge netted a little over $600.00. Our thanks to those brethren who manned the coffee booth: WB Floyd Morse, VWB Chester Echelbarger, Bro. Don Foster, Bro Bill Queen and WB Paul Vielle. Thanks too, to WB Dick Hawley and Worshipful Master John Smith who provided transportation to and from the site. Finally, thanks you to the many wives who made all those yummy cookies!

Balloting Results

Also at the April stated communication, two separate ballots were spread as follows: Bro. Vernon Christenson (of Paulsbo, WA) was reinsestated as a member of Audubon Park Lodge. Bro. Christenson returns to the fold after a 40 year absence. Also, Mr. Barry C. Rettkowski was elected to receive the degrees of Masonry. His Entered Apprentice Degree was scheduled for Wednesday, May 7, 2003. Congratulations to these individuals!

Sports Coupe still available

WB Eric Berman reports that the Sports Coupe (a 1985 Toyota MR 2) is still avaliable. If your interested in viewing this vehicle, itís parked in WB Floyd Morseís driveway at 3523 W. Indian Trail Rd. This is one sharp looking buggy and it runs great. It was donated to the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation. When sold, the proceeds will go to support the Foundation. Asking price is $2700. For more information call WB Eric Berman at (509) 328-2910.

Fifty-Year Members to be Honored

At our next Potluck Family Night (Wednesday, May 28 at 7:00 p.m.), 50-year membership pins will be awarded to Bro. Swen E. Lund of Seattle and Bro. Richard T. Halverson of Spokane. Be on hand to see these Brethren receive this special recognition. Everyone should bring their favorite food item. Come and enjoy a hearty meal and good fellowship.

Special help from the Daughters of the Nile

Special thanks to the Daughters of the Nile for their expert sewing repairs of our candidate clothing. At last we have a decent hoodwink and candidate trousers with proper buttons attached. Thank you Ladies! We are grateful indeed.

Special Reminder for June Stated Meeting

The brethren are reminded that because Grand Lodge meets in June from the 12th thru 14th, our Stated Meeting will be moved back a week. So please note, Audubon Park Stated Meeting in June is on the 18th.

Famous Masonís Corner

Benjamin Franklin (1707-1790) Ben Franklin was raised in St. Johnís Lodge, Philadelphia in 1731 and served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge in 1734, the same year he reprinted Andersonís Book of Constitutions of 1723. He invented many things among which was a heating stove in 1744, which is still being manufactured and used today. He was recognized as the foremost scientist of the day not only in the U.S.A., but abroad as well. He did more for Masonry in this country than any other individual during his lifetime. In 1778 he assisted at the initiation of Voltaire in the Lodge of the Nine Sisters, in Paris.

Masonic Quiz

Q: Does the particular wording in the obligations of Masonic degrees vary in other jurisdictions?

A: Yes, it most certainly does. In Irish lodges for example, the candidate "bears in mind the ancient penalty" In fact, it is referred to as the symbolic penalty.

Q: What is the symbolism of the 3, 5 and 7 steps?

A: See next month's Pillars.

Calendar of Events




2 Fiesta Fandango Dance & Burrito Bar 7:00 p.m. $10.00


6 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.


7 Entered Apprentice Degree, 7:00 p.m.


14 Stated Communication, 7:00 p.m.


20 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.


28 Potluck Dinner/Family Night, 7:00 p.m. (50 Year Pin Awards)



12-14 Grand Lodge meets - Tacoma


18 Stated Meeting, 7:00 p.m.