The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


May 2002
Volume 3, Number 7

From the East... This is my last opportunity to communicate with you before Grand Lodge. This year, it takes place in Spokane on June 13, 14 & 15, at the downtown Doubletree Inn. You need to be registered if you plan to attend. (See the Secretary's note below.) In all, there are 18 Resolutions upon which members will vote. Several Resolutions have to do with establishing new Grand Lodge Standing Committees. These would be committees for: Literacy Outreach, Information & Technology, Masonic Float, and Long Range Planning. Another Resolution would establish a nominal fee for Grand Lodge invested assets to reduce the Per Capita assessment in the future. Still another would require a Master Mason to satisfactorily complete "Proficiency in Lodge Management" before election as Worshipful Master. After giving this material a careful reading, I have formed my own opinions as to the merits of each. But I realize that as Master, my vote should (as much as possible) represent the consensus of opinion for all Audubon Park Brethren. To that end, I am setting aside a few minutes during our next Stated Meeting to invite some discussion on these matters. I will have copies of the summary of the Grand Lodge Resolutions for everyone to read.

Karen and I will be hosting the next movie discussion group. This will take place Sunday afternoon, May 19 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at our home. The movie to watch is "Grand Canyon". This film was released about five or six years ago, but it is still available in most video stores. I'll have more details at the Stated Meeting. VWB Chester Echelbarger has already started mowing the lawns around the Lodge, but now the inside need attention.

On Saturday, May 18 from 9:00 to noon we're having a spring clean-up at the Lodge. I need two to three Brethren to volunteer to help in this. It's the usual stuff: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, polishing etc. No heavy lifting, I promise.

Regarding the status of our new Petition, I understand the investigating committee has completed its work. Quite likely then, we will be spreading the ballot on this Petition at our next Stated Meeting on May 8. Assuming the candidate receives a favorable ballot, we will confer his EAM degree on Wednesday, May 15. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this important event.

Paul J. Vielle

Worshipful Master

From the West... On April 17, Bro. Bill Queen was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The event was well attended. I counted 23 Brethren! Bro. Bill's son Rob assisted in the actual raising of his father. Also on hand were Bill's father-in-law and several other personal friends who traveled some distance to be present. In the first section, WM Paul Vielle conferred the degree. The drama team performed their work flawlessly. WB Floyd Morse delivered the lecture and WB Dean Whittier gave the Bible presentation. A surprise bonus was the fine incidental music provided by pianist VWB Bill Willey. Music does enhance the ritual! All in all, the evening was a great success. I believe everyone in the room felt that warm glow that comes when Brethren dwell together in peace, harmony and friendship. My thanks to all the Brethren who made Bro Bills's Third Degree such a success. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our next Stated Meeting on May 8.

John M. Simth

Senior warden

From the South... Our Pot-Luck Family Night on April 24 was a success. At least five of our regulars were out of town that night, so attendance was down a bit. Still we had fun. As always there were many tasty dishes to sample and no one went away hungry. After dinner, Ms. Dee Zaruddi, from the Vanessa Behan Crises Nursery spoke to us on the work of the nursery. She presented a video showing interviews with staff and glimpses inside the nursery. Ms. Zaruddi explained there are many opportunities to do volunteer work at the nursery, -from working with children, to fund raising, to clerical work. Her remarks were well received and many questions followed. My thanks to everyone who came.

The next family night is Wednesday May 22. This is our much touted: "Kilts 'n Pipes" night. Dinner starts at 6:30 and will feature authentic Scottish cooking. The after-dinner entertainment will include a Piper and several highland dancers. Also planned are several interludes of Scottish oration. Dinner is $6.00 a plate. We're hoping for a big turnout, so reservations are necessary. PLEASE call if you plan to attend. You can call either WB Floyd Morse 328-XXXX, or WM Paul Vielle 326-XXXX to make your reservations. If you happen to be of Scottish heritage and if you have it, ... please wear your kilts and other clan regalia.

Bob K. Good

Junior Warden

In Other News...
Movie Discussion Group The second meeting of the movie discussion group took place at the home of Doug & Glenis Tucker on April 21. We had a lively discussion about the movie: High Crimes. This is still a small group. If you're a movie buff and like to discuss what you've seen with others, come join the fun. It's a non-Masonic activity, something we can do with our wives; something different. Lot's of talk, light refreshment, and fellowship. The next movie group will be held at the home of Paul & Karen Vielle on May 19. Details at the Stated Meeting.

Needed improvements made: If you'll look closely, the Three Lesser Lights have received a much needed upgrade. Bro. Bill Wilson noticed the fraying cord and took it upon himself to repair the lights. Turns out, the interior wires, sockets and the candle holders were quite frayed and plainly unsafe. Bro. Bill completely rebuilt the unit. No danger now of the Senior Deacon himself becoming a "torch" at the altar. Thank you Bro. Bill!

You'll notice too, upgrades to the lodge chairs. Remember their awful tendency to tip over if you sat down too hard? That problem has been remedied. Thanks to the efforts of VWB Chester Echelbarger, Bro. Bill Queen, and WB Paul Vielle, the chairs were bolted to plywood planks. Others who supported this effort were Bro. Bill Wilson and WB Floyd Morse. Thank you Brethren for this much needed improvement!

Fundraising Opportunity APM Foundation was asked if we would like to earn some money by delivering flowers to Mothers, during the week of Mothers Day starting 05/08. WM Paul Vielle supports the idea and WB Dick Roark, President of APMF has given his approval as well. Actually, the idea for this fundraiser came from our Long Range Planning Committee. A Masonic friend of mine who happens to be a florist told me that at special times of the year (Valentines Day and Mother's Day) there are hundreds of requests for home deliveries of flowers. Florists cannot possibly deliver all these flowers in a timely way, so they hire-out this work to service groups interested in earning extra money. My florist friend tells me he has need for people to deliver flowers and asked if we might be interested. Brethren, this is an opportunity to raise some money for the Foundation. If we can enlist a number of Brethren willing to make deliveries, we could earn a tidy bit of change. We would receive $4.00 per flower bouquet delivered. Estimates are that we could deliver as many as 100 orders of flowers on Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat. (none on Sunday). Deliveries would be routed in clusters, so we wouldn't be driving all over the city. I have spoken to a few Brethren who thought it would be fun and were willing to donate a few hours to this enterprise. We're looking for 2 to 3 Brethren for Monday and Tuesday; 3 to 4 Brethren for Wednesday and 6+ for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you'd like more information or if you can donate some time on any of those days, please let me know immediately. WB Eric Berman, 455-XXXX or 328-XXXX

A Note from the Secretary. Attention Past Masters. This year Grand Lodge takes place on June 14, 15 & 16 at the downtown Doubletree Inn. If you're planning to attend any of the sessions you must be registered. The Registration fee is $10.00 and payable to the Grand Lodge. You must register before noon on Thursday. To help speed this process along, the Grand Lodge requests a list of the Past Masters from our Lodge that will attend Grand Lodge. Please notify the Secretary (328-XXXX or e-mail at: no later than our May Stated meeting. He must transmit the information to Grand Lodge by May 17th. Thanks. WB Floyd Morse

For the Masonic Education segment at our next stated meeting on May 8, WM Paul Vielle will be speaking on Leo Taxil, whose forgery and hoax-mongering of the late 1880's did much to kindle anti-Masonic sentiment in Europe during the late 1880's. Even today, in anti-Masonic literature, Taxil's completely fallacious writings are cited as "proof" that Masons worship the devil. This should be an interesting talk.

Famous Mason's Corner: Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) Hero of the American Revolution in which he served without pay. Commissioned a major General in the Continental Army and became one of Washington's closets associates. It has never been established where he was made a Mason, but his name is mentioned in many records of Masonic memberships in the US and France. He laid the cornerstone of the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston, 1825.

Masonic Quiz Q: Is the position of the altar the same in all Masonic Lodges? A: No. In English lodges there is no central altar but a pedestal is placed immediately before the Worshipful Master.

Q: What is the symbolic meaning of the Two Pillars? A: (See next month's Pillars!)

Calendar of Events:

May 3 "La Vie en Rose" Dance at Audubon Park, 7:00 p.m.

7 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

8 Stated Meeting - Audubon Park 7:00 p.m.

15 EAM degree - Tentative

18 Spring Clean-Up Day at the Lodge 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

19 Move Discussion Group 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., Paul & Karen Vielle, hosts

21 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

22 "Pipes n' Kilts" Night. Scottish theme. Dinner and entertainment. $6.00 a plate. Start 6:30 p.m.

June 4 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

13 -15 Grand Lodge of Washington - Annual Communication

19 Stated Meeting - Audubon Park (Move-Up Night)

July - August Lodge is dark