Master's Message

It is hard to believe that the Masonic year is more than half over. Our lodge has been very busy initiating new members, conducting degree work, growing as Masons, and taking care of our Masonic home. Winter is over, and it will be Grand Lodge time before you know it. The second week of March is a busy one with the annual Corned Beef dinner and the Grand Master's visit. We also have degree work for several folks coming up this month.

The Lodge continues to grow and there is a lot of excitement with all of the new members. Work continues to improve the Lodge building. We have recently installed new countertops and vinyl flooring in the kitchen. The current project involves replacing the old stove with a gas range. With a little more paint and polish you won't recognize it and neither will our renters.

Our newest Master Mason, Michael Staley, is a good example of our new brothers becoming involved. He stepped up and has been installed as our Junior Deacon. He also is working on the temple board. Speaking of the temple board, if you have wanted to find a place to get either involved or back involved with the lodge we need additional folk on the board. WB Richard Hentz has been our temple board chair for 3 years and needs to step down. This is your opportunity to help steer the direction of the building.

It has been great seeing so many brothers at our Stated meetings each month. Seeing Masons on the side lines in addition to just the officers at the meeting is wonderful. If you need a ride to the meetings please let someone know. We currently offer a meal before the meeting starting at 6:30 PM and would love to see you there as well. I hope all will continue to benefit from the educational presentations at the meeting. If you would like to take on a month and make the presentation let me know. There is more to a Stated meeting that just paying the bills.

Those of you who are keeping score might note that the December edition of the Pillars was missing. The windstorm and following power outage interfered with getting it out in a timely manner. Additional there were several medical issues that caused the missed edition. I value any input to help our lodge improve and grow. If there is anything you would like to see happening at your lodge let me or one of the other officers know.

I hope to see you at an upcoming Stated meeting or family night,

WBr. Barry Rettkowski

Worshipful Master