The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


March 2009
Volume 11, Number 1

From the East ...

Greetings Brothers
Things have been very busy for me as Master and at the same time very enjoyable. In the last 2 months I have enjoyed visiting many of our local lodges and meeting the brothers. From Stated meetings to special events like Waverly's crab feed to Spangle's chicken dinner I can tell you that brotherly love and friendship is alive and well in eastern Washington. Four members of our lodge attended the Robby Burns night in Trail BC. It was a special evening for all of us. Our Canadian brothers made us feel very welcome.

Our Grand Lodge team was in Alexandria, Virginia on 12/1 to open Grand Lodge at the George Washington Memorial commemorating the 150th year anniversary of Washington Grand Lodge. Come hear what happened there at our March stated meeting by Br Floyd Morse.

In January the bikes for books program had its first drawing of the year. In addition to the two bikes provide by our lodge the Finch PTO gave 2 more bikes for the drawing. The kids are so excited about winning one of the bikes and the teachers are happy the kids are reading. The next drawing at Finch Elementary is scheduled for the end of March. The joy on the kids' faces is reason enough to make sure the program continues for a long time. This is what be a mason is all about, the future.

The lodge is just a building without you. If you are able to attend please come and share this special fraternity with your Masonic brothers. If you need a ride let us know.

WB Barry Rettkowski
Worshipful Master

From the West...

Resolution: a declaration of commitment, boldness, firmness of purpose or determination. Every year people make new resolutions to lose weight, spend more time with their family, don't talk too much, and stop smoking etc… I made a resolution a long time ago that if I join an organization that I would participate in that organization. I might not be able to attend every meeting, or be on any committees but I would attend most of the meetings and I would do what I could to help. Brothers start fresh; make it your resolution to attain lodge and family night as much as you can.

"I was a revolutionary when I was young and all my prayers were… 'Give me the energy to change the world.' As I approached middle age and realized that half my life was gone without my changing a single soul, I changed my prayer to… 'Give me the Grace to change all those who come in contract with me. Even just my family and friends and I shall be satisfied.' Now that I am old man and my days are numbered, my one prayer is… 'Give me the grace to change myself.' If I had prayed for this right from the start, I should have not wasted so much on my life." Bavazid

Fraternally Yours,

WB Rich Hentz
Senior Warden

From the South...

Thanks to all that came to our February Family Night, a good time was had by all (I hope; as no one complained ….). Our next Family Night Dinner will be the Annual Corned Beef Dinner, March 18th, at 6:30 p.m. Contact WB Eric for reservations and information. All I know for sure is that I will be there, as I am doing the scorching of the victuals for the masses! Bring your appetites and be ready for some fun and good food.

As Junior Warden it was my honor to initiate Brother Robert Stevenson as our newest Entered Apprentice Mason. Br. Robert got to join in at our Family Night the night before he was initiated. Wonder if he worried about maybe it being the fattening of the sacrificial lamb? Hmmmm…. Thanks go out to all the Brethren that helped and assisted in the initiation. It went off without too many hitches, and only started 3 minutes late. Oh, well …. MST (Masonic Standard Time). Again, welcome to our Fraternity Br. Robert, and to a long and fruitful life in Masonry!

WB Bill Wilson
Junior Warden

In Other News...

From the Secretary's Desk

Greetings my Brothers;
I completed the Grand Lodge Annual report for 2008. We have 120 members, 91 do not pay dues (Life Members, Fifty Year members and four are indigent). I thank our Brothers who have sent in their Dues. If you have not remitted your dues, please do so as soon as possible.

W.M. Barry appointed a Finance Committee. He has charged the committee to devise programs and solutions to raise funds to alleviate the deficit we experience every year. We need to find a fund raising event which will help solve our cash flow issue for our Lodge and Temple Bldg. If you have an idea of what we can do to raise funds, please let myself or Worshipful Master Barry know.

I also serve as a Trustee for the Northwest Treasurer Hunting Club. In my capacities, serving both organizations, I have had the opportunity to be involved in our regional recycling program. Aluminum cans, batteries and lumber products have been collected, sold and monies donated to our Foundation. Spokane Regional Solid Waste Management recognized our community effort and I was selected to receive 2 basketball tickets to a Gonzaga University game. The tickets were donated to the Foundation and raffle tickets sold. The proceeds were split between the two groups, we cleared $214.00!

Fraternally Yours:
W. Br Eric E. Berman, Secretary.

Audubon Park Masonic Building Association

Still needed is some SERIOUS CLEANING of the windows, kitchen, and storage cupboards and closest. It's AMAZING how dirty they get but on the other hand I know some of those spaces haven't seen anything resembling a cleaning cloth in years. If any of you are simply ANXIOUS to help be sure to contact me and I'll coordinate a time so we can do some "bonding" along with the necessary cleaning. A date for the cleanup will be set in the near future for a group project.

A final thought - if you notice something "out of order", such as a burnt out light bulb, a leaky fixture, or in general, something that needs attention, be sure to let someone know.

VWB Chuck Young
Temple Board Secretary (for the time being!)

Happening at the Lodge

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation

Clam Chowder Feed was a great success. We had 60 participate and cleared $572.15 from the dinner, raffle and auction. Thank you to all who supported our effort by attending or donating. I received reports that the Chowder was the best it has ever been. Thank you to all who helped with set up, clean up and serving. A very special Thank you to W.Br. Bill Wilson who oversaw & worked his magic with the cooking and to Lady Anne, for all you do.

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation annual meeting and Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner will be held on March 18 starting at 6:30. M. W. Br. Douglas E. Tucker, Grand Master, will be our very special guest. Grand Master Douglas Tucker will assist in presenting Masonic Service Awards to our Lodge Brothers and Certificates of Appreciation to our donors and assist in presenting various grants to our youth groups. G.M. Douglas Tucker has been invited to perform his official duties and deliver his message to us. The evening is to be fast paced, and interesting. Please join us.

The purpose of our Foundation is to provide for our Lodge, Temple bldg and youth groups. The urgency has been heightened during these recent economic times. The financial needs are still of paramount importance. Our Lodge, Temple and youth groups (Jobs Daughters, Rainbow, Demolay and Speech Center) still need funding. Should you be in a position to donate at this time to our Foundation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to give me a call or send an email. 509-327-9810

Fraternally Yours:

W.Br. Eric E. Berman
Secretary, Audubon Park Masonic Foundation


Ivanhoe Chapter No. 80, Order of the Eastern Star

Our March meeting will be initiation on the 19th. Bill and Libby Queen's niece, Joy Despino, will be initiated and we welcome her to Ivanhoe Chapter. She will hold her first office also for the star year 2009-2010.

Soon it will be the "wearing of the green" time. The members of Ivanhoe Chapter No. 80 wish the luck of the Irish for everyone! With spring-like weather here, we can all look forward to being outside more. With spring comes a very busy season for Eastern Star chapters throughout our state. Ivanhoe Chapter will have installation of new officers on April 11, 2009, at 6 pm at Audubon Park Masonic Temple. Everyone is invited to come and see Libby and Bill Queen installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron respectively. They have a very exciting and busy year planned for Ivanhoe Chapter.

Shortly after our first meeting on April 16th, we will be having our first of many money-making projects. We will be working the Sprague Lake Rest Stop on April 20, 21 and 22nd. So if you pass the eastbound side rest area, stop by and say hello and have some special treats. We always enjoy meeting our Masonic sisters and brothers! April 19 is the annual Susuan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer walk. Our Worthy Matron Libby is a very active participant in this walk. She has been cancer free for 4 and 1/2 years and is walking strong for another 4 and 1/2 years! We can support her with our tax-deductible contribution to the address listed below. Be sure to mention Libby Queen's name as the donation is in support of her. Donations may be mailed to:
Susan G. Komen for the Cure P. O. Box 1222 Spokane, WA 99210-1222

Our April 16 stated meeting will have the theme "Getting to Know You" with short form opening; May 21 will be the Honor Night for Karen Speicher, Grand Representative to Kansas in Washington. Come and enjoy the evening filled with surprises and special treats that represent the state of Kansas. Janice Glidden is chairman for the evening's events. There will be brownies to eat (along with other food items) and sunflowers to decorate the tables. Come and get a taste of Kansas! We will also be honoring all Mothers with special gifts. So come out and enjoy the evening.

Ada Anderson,
JR PM of Ivanhoe Chapter

Famous Masons' Corner

Q: What was the first Masonic book printed in America?
A: Ben Franklin reprinted Anderson's Constitutions in Philadelphia in 1734.

Q: If the Master and both Wardens are absent, who presides over the lodge?
A: See the June issue of the Pillars for the answer.

Who do I talk to?

If you want something put into the Pillars or to contact the Lodge secretary:
Audubon Park Masonic Lodge #272
POB 9575 Spokane WA 99209-9575
Or call or e-mail
Secretary: W.Br. Eric E. Berman 509-328-2910 email:
Pillars Editor: Br. Barry Rettkowski 509-928-0075 email:

Calendar of Events

March 2009
3/10 March Audubon Park Lodge Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
3/14 Easter Star officer instruction at North Hill Temple at 10 am
3/19 Ivanhoe Chapter #80 - Order of Eastern Star - 7:30 p.m.
3/25 Family Night Potluck - 6:30 p.m.-
3/26 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.

April 2009
4/8 April Audubon Park Lodge Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
4/11 Ivanhoe Chapter Installation of Officers - 6 p.m.
4/16 Ivanhoe Chapter #80 - Order of Eastern Star - 7:30 p.m.
4/19 Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure
4/20-22 Sprague Lake Rest Stop - Eastern Star
4/22 Family Night Potluck - 6:30 p.m.
4/23 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.

May 2009
5/13 May Audubon Park Lodge Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
5/21 Honor Day for Karen Speicher, Grand Rep. to Kansas in Washington - 7:30 p.m.
5/27 Family Night Potluck - 6:30 p.m.
5/28 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.

Officers 2008-2009

Worshipful Master    WB Barry Rettkowski
Senior Warden    WB Richard Hentz
Junior Warden    WB Bill Wilson
Secretary    WB Eric Berman
Treasurer    VWB Merle Iverson
Chaplain    VWB Gaylon Arisman
Marshal    WB John Smith
Senior Deacon ------  
Junior Deacon -------  
Senior Steward    WB Floyd Morse
Junior Steward    WB Bill Queen
Tyler       B William Wendel

Grand Lodge Grand Master    MWB Douglas E. Tucker