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On June 15, 1926, the Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of Washington held its Annual Communication in Spokane. Grand Master Morton Gregory announced he had granted dispensations for six new Lodges:

Nov 20, 1925 Charleston Lodge 269 (now at Bremerton),

Dec 4, 1925 Ryderwood Lodge 270 (at Ryderwood),

Jan 21, 1926 John Paul Jones Lodge 271 (at Gig Harbor),

Feb 5, 1926 Audubon Park Lodge 272 (in Spokane),

Mar 8, 1926 Concord Lodge 273 (at Aberdeen),

May 1, 1926 West Haven Lodge 274 (at Hoquiam)

Each of these new Lodges received their Charters at Grand Lodge on June 16, 1926.


Audubon Park Lodge No. 272 began its labor with 31 charter members. Harold A. Shaw was elected as the inaugural Worshipful Master*. Many of the charter members were also members of North Hill 210. In fact North Hills 210 sponsored us when we petitioned Grand Lodge for a charter. Membership was at its height in 1957 when Audubon Park had over 500 members of record. This year (2003) marks the 77th year of incorporation as a Masonic Lodge. Membership today (2003) stands at about 117 brethren.

Stated meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (except June when, because of Grand Lodge, we meet on the third Wednesday.) Stated meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. We are dark in July and August.

Audubon Park 272's official newsletter is entitled The Pillars. It is published quarterly (except July and August) and mailed to all members. The newsletter is also available on the Internet at our official website:

*Source: Not Made with Hands, (The Centennial History of Grand Lodge Masonry in Washington and Alaska 1858-1958), by VWB Paul W. Harvey, Grand Historian. Published by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Washington, 1958



First Lodge Site

For the first few years, Audubon Park Lodge #272 members met in a small one-room building (pictured below) at the corner of Audubon Street & Cora Avenue, just across the street from Audubon Municipal Park. The brethren met here from February 1926 to October 1928. Today, a private residence occupies this corner.

Current Lodge Site

Audubon Park Lodge #272 soon outgrew its small quarters and in the fall of 1928, the lodge moved to its present site, located at 2821 Northwest Boulevard. The cornerstone was laid April 25, 1928. The new building was situated perhaps 200 yards from the old site. More than three times the size of the old lodge, the new building boasted a large meeting hall and fireside room on the main floor, with a dining & dance hall downstairs. The building and grounds have been well-maintained over the years, so that today, Audubon Park Lodge #272 projects an ambience of tranquil composure and quiet dignity. (This facility is rented for weddings and receptions. See our Rental link on the Lodge's home page.)

current Lodge on NW Blvd.

Lodge Awards

Pillars of Progress Award given to Audubon Park Lodge #272 by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F.& A.M of Washington, April 2002, as the Lodge best exemplifying the Pillar of Family Involvement.

A second Pillars of Progress Award was given to Audubon Park Lodge #272 by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of F&AM of Washington on November 2, 2002. In District 27 we were cited as the Lodge best exemplifying the Pillar of Information and Technology.


Concordant Bodies

Over the years, several concordant bodies of the Masonic family have been co-located at Audubon Park Lodge #272. The Order of the Eastern Star, Audubon Park Chapter 214 held meetings at our Lodge from June 19, 1926 to June 16, 1992. The inaugural Worthy Matron was Louise Devoe and the Worthy Patron was Harold Pitts. In June of 1992, Chapter 214 left us to merge with Spokane Chapter 163 of OES. For a time, two Bethels of Jobs Daughters operated simultaneously at Audubon Park 272.

Bethel 7 conducted their meetings at the lodge beginning in (1941). Their first Honored Bethel Queen was Helen Turner. Because of declining membership, this Bethel disbanded in (1983).

Bethel 64 received their charter in April 1959 and have operated continuously since then. Their first Honored Bethel Queen was Sue Heimsjo.



Distinguished Brethren from Audubon Park Lodge #272


Past Grand Master:

 MWB Harold E. Tucker (1988)

MWB Douglas E. Tucker  (2008)


Deptuties of the Grandmaster:  

VWB Dewey A. Hawes (District 27 for 1947-49)

VWB Chester M. Echelbarger (District 27 for 1988-90)

VWB Douglas E. Tucker (District 27 for 2002-04)

VWB Gaylon Arisman (District 26 for 2002-04)

VWB Charles R. Young (District 27 for 2006-08)


              Past Masters of Audubon Park Lodge #272


1926 Harold A. Shaw                 1927 Alfred M. Oldershaw

1928 John W. Pilam                   1929 George E. Adams

1930 Ralph A. Chruchil              1931 Claude L. Smith

1932 Alexander McDonald         1933 James G. Burt

1934 Jacob W. Foss                    1935 William Ressman

1936 Louis P. Johnson               1937 Joseph H. Sampson

1938 Robert T. Carr                   1939 Wesley D. McNee

1940 Leubert A. Witters             1941 Robert A. McDonald

1942 William V. Stone                1943 Leslie V. Reckord

1944 John D. Youngman            1945 Dewey A. Hawes

1946 Paul J. Moody                   1947 Will M. Strickler

1948 Joseph F. Keller                 1949 Forrest H. Garrett

1950 Virgil H. Shurtleff              1951 Ray A. Fyfe

1952 Donald McGougan            1953 Glen L. Lane

1954 Joe M. Click                      1955 Albert W. Doughty

1956 H. Lee Pitts                        1957 John M. Lipp

1958 Orin L. Johnson                1959 John Gulbrecht, Jr.

1960 Harold E. Tucker               1961 Claude W. Smith

1962 Robert E. Lucht                 1963 John D. Key

1964 Justin L. Quackenbush      1965 A. Jack Bishop

1966 John D. Key                       1967 Claude W. Smith

1968 Chester M. Echelbarger      1969 Erthel M. Godwin

1970 Martin H. Echelbarger        1971 Howard W. Clifford

1972 Frederick G. Schoch           1973 Walter A. Denison

1974 John D. Wells                     1975 Anthony Sandusky

1976 Willis H. Smith                   1977 Andy Manolis

1978 Lloyd Hartman                   1979 Howard Halpin

1980 Edward L. Barton, Jr.         1981 Robert H. Killian

1982 Charles C. Anderson           1983 Richard N. Turner

1984 Marion C. McElroy             1985 Floyd A. Morse

1986 Gordon E. Vails                  1987 Eric E. Berman

1988 Dean F. Whittier                  1989 Gaylon Arisman

1990 David C. Ferguson               1991 Pete Beardsley

1992 Phillip D. Harris                  1993 Richard C. Roark

1994 Wm. Otis Naff                     1995 Gordon E. Vails

1996 Harold E. Tucker                 1997 Franz Adelquist

1998 Douglas E. Tucker               1999 Philip R. Rhea

2000 Floyd A. Morse                   2001 Richard J. Hawley

2002 Paul J. Vielle                       2003 John M. Smith

2004 Robert K. Good                  2005 Charles R. Young

2006 William T. Wilson               2007 William T. Wilson

2008 H. William Queen               2009 Barry C. Rettkowski

2010 Richard A. Hentz                2011 William T. Wilson

2012 Charles R. Young                2013 Charles R. Young

2014 Barry Rettkowski                2015 Kim Roddy

2016 Barry Rettkowski                2017 William T. Wilson


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