The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


June 2005
Volume 7, Number 6

From the East ...

I hope you will forgive me Brethren, if I brag a bit in this month's column. On Wednesday May 18 the Brethren of Audubon Park Lodge, with able assistance from Brethren from Spangle, Medical Lake, Temple, Oriental, Orchard, and Malden Lodges Raised Brother Jerel Rowe to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. It has been some time since we did a Third Degree at Audubon Park Lodge and this was my first as sitting Master.

Brother Jerel said that May 18 was a good date for him and when we discussed the date the previous week, Thursday May 12 to be exact, my first reaction was, "How in the world are we going to pull together the necessary members of a degree team in that short a time?" My second reaction was, "How in the world am I going to be prepared to confer the degree?" We don't have time - but the alternative was waiting until late June - and we are anticipating a Second Degree for Brother Cliff Miller in June.

I sent out a "plea" to the Brethren of Eastern Washington and they responded! The members of our Lodge stepped up and said, "I'll be there - where do you need me?" Others said, "I'd like to play the role of -----." WE DID IT and if I do say so - we did it well and with a lot of class. Yes, there were a couple "hiccups" in the Second Section, but the Brethren stepped up and did a fine job.

WB Floyd Morse told me he would be a "floater" and would fill in where needed - and he did. WB Dean Whittier was in Lodge and when I asked, at the last minute, he agreed to give the Bible Presentation - and did a wonderful job. Brother Bill Wilson not only played the role of Jubala - he also jumped in and played Jubalo! Thanks also to WB Paul Vielle for coming to help and VWB Doug Tucker for being our "coach" throughout the Second Section and helping when "the words just wouldn't come." The others who assisted, Brothers Chet, Bob, Barry, Bill, Allan, Barry, and Eric did a commendable job of making it a memorable evening for all.

Brethren - I'm proud to be a Mason and even more proud to be a member of Audubon Park Lodge #272. We truly did and do "good work".

One additional thought - I have put together an email distribution list of Brothers from Audubon Park Lodge. If you are not on the list, have email, and would like to be on the list, please give me your email address. You can reach me at or call me at 509.455-7844 (work) or 509.325-0906 (home). I use email a lot to communicate about Lodge activities and I would appreciate having your email address so I can keep you informed as the year progresses."

Chuck Young
Worshipful Master

From the West...

To pay the craft their wages ... First a very big "Thank You" to Br. Bill Queen and his wife Libby for the nice spread of stroganoff for Family Night. Too bad there was a dearth of attendees! No one went home feeling they didn't have their fill; and still there was stroganoff left over to take home. Good Grits! Maybe a few more Brothers and their Families might make it in June?

A Job Well Done! For those that helped prime the ceilings in the Fireside Room, and the Tyler's Room and to those that helped strip paint and weathered mortar in the downstairs room. Thanks go to VWB Chet Echlebarger, WB Dick Hawley, WB Chuck Young, WB Floyd Morse; Brs. Alan Jones, Bill Queen, and Chuck Miller, for taking time off in their busy schedules to help! It is always appreciated and welcomed. See you in Lodge June 15th!

Also, we will be doing the 2nd Degree for Br. Cliff Miller on the 23rd of June at 7:00 p.m., please help us make it an eventful evening for our brother! We are getting this in by the skin of our teeth before going dark for the summer!

Bill Wilson
Senior Warden

From the South...

I know all that joined us at the last family potluck had a delicious meal of beef stroganoff, delicious salads and deserts. The evening was decorated with flowers and candles in honor of the "Ladies in our Lives". Worshipful Master and his Lady won the door prize of some summer time dishes that can be used on the patio.


This month the Family Potluck will be on 6/22/05 at 6:30 pm. This potluck will be dedicated to the "Men" in our lives in Honor of Father's Day. This month we will have "Meat and Potatoes" for the men. Lib and I will supply the meat and you bring a potato dish or salad of your choice. Hope to see you there for "spuds and beef"!!


Libby and I want each of you to know that we appreciate the support and attendance to the Family Nights. It is a pleasure each month to see and visit with all of you and always "Remember to share your smiles as you never know who might need one".

Bill Queen
Junior Warden

In Other News...

Temple Board Report

The Temple Board met Tuesday, May 24. The Board reviewed the Temple Board Association finances, projected income and budget. For May the Temple Association had monthly expenses of $4,424, monthly income of $1,335, and an account balance of $17,326.

Just a reminder: to learn more about what is happening in our Lodge visit our webpage at The current schedule of activities is posted there.

The Board approved renting the building for half days when it is not rented for the day. If you have a party or some other need for the building please contact Floyd or Chuck.

Thursday evening, June 2, we had a work party! I appreciate all the Brothers who were able to come out and help. They include Chuck Young, Chet Echelbarger, Bill Wilson, Dick Hawley, Bill Queen, Cliff Miller, Floyd Morse and I. We got the ceilings in the Fireside Room and Tyler's Room painted with a primer coat, and the walls in the dining room Fireside room scraped in preparation of patching and painting. We made good progress Thursday and plan to continue to schedule work days and evenings until we have finished with the repairs and painting. We will hope to see you next time!


Brother Allan Jones

From the Secretary's Desk

To the Worshipful Master, Wardens, and Brethren

This is to notify you that I will not accept the election of secretary of Audubon Park Lodge for the next Masonic year. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as you secretary these last few years and the opportunity to get to know the membership of our lodge, if not in person, by name and through correspondences with you.

The office of secretary carries with it great responsibilities of which I am well aware, but also gives one rewards and an appreciation of love for this great fraternity of ours.

I therefore ask one of you to step forward and pick up the gauntlet and accept the challenges and rewards of this office. I remind you that you do not have to be a Past Master to serve. I will be available to act as an assistant and mentor to my successor.

Fraternally and respectfully yours,

Floyd A. Morse

Happening at the lodge ...

The May Lodge meeting was a busy night with a lot of work being done. The Worshipful Master reminded all of us of this Lodge's mission by reading the vision statement. Secretary WB Morris announced he was retiring as secretary at the end of the Masonic year. His many year of service was acknowledged by the members of the Lodge. A proficiency report was made on several brothers' progress. In new business we discussed hosting the corner stone at the VA hospital late this fall. The Masonic education of the evening was a discussion of the resolutions before Grand Lodge.

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation.

The month of June brings to us summer days, vacations, travel, picnics, lakes and much more. We as Masons will meet and elect a new Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers. The Grand Master will make appointments and we extend to all our best wishes and pray the new G.M. will continue to lead us amply. APMF takes this moment to say "Thank You" to MW Br. Sat, Grand Master for the support given us. In the past I have enjoyed serving on various committees and once as Grand Sword Bearer. All were very enjoyable experiences; friendships made will last a lifetime. Best wishes to all that have served this past year, and the years before.

APMF enters a traditional quiet period as summer approaches. Our active "Fun Raising" has been called to "Refreshment" until it receives a "Call to Labor" in September. The Board of Directors will meet and review our Investment Portfolio, future programs and make necessary decisions. We hope to be able to make grants to the Temple Board, Audubon Park Lodge, Jobs Daughters, Rainbow Girls, Demolay and Public School programs.

APMF asset base is currently $113,400.00. Our goal remains to develop an asset base of at least $250,000. A gentle reminder: although we are not at Labor, it is important for those of us who wish to contribute to the Foundation to please do so. It can be in many ways including: memorials, honorariums, bequests, gifts, stock transfers, asset of value, etc.

An "Asset of Value" would include real estate, car, boat, trailer, guns, coin or stamp collection, etc. It can be donated and an income tax deduction taken. Gifting of an Asset could very well clear our life of the item with the stroke of a pen. APMF has the ability to convert an "Asset of Value" to an investment that will benefit many generations to come.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of APMF I wish you a most enjoyable summer.

Fraternally Yours: WB Eric E. Berman, Sec-Treas. APMF

Famous Masons' Corner

General Jonathan Wainwright, (1883-1953). He was the hero of Bataan in the Philippine fight for which he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1945. He was raised in Union Lodge No. 7, Kan., 1946. He received the SR degrees and was also a Shriner.

Masonic Quiz
Q: What is the first regular and duly constituted lodge in America?

A: St. John's Lodge, Boston, Massachusetts, July 30, 1733


Q: How many American Generals of the Revolutionary Army were Masons?

A: See the September issue of the Pillars for the answer.

Calendar of Events

June 2005

6/7 Bethel #64 Job's Daughters Meeting 7:00 p.m.

6/9-11 Grand Lodge Communication - Wenatchee WA.

6/9 Ivanhoe Chapter #80 - Order of Eastern Star - 7:30 p.m.

6/15 June Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.

6/21 Bethel # 64 Meeting - 7:00 p.m.

6/22 Family Night - 6:30 p.m. - Honoring Fathers

6/23 2nd Degree for Br. Cliff Miller - 7:00 p.m.

6/28 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.

Take special note that the June Stated meeting is the third Wednesday of the month.


July 2005

The Lodge is "Dark"

7/26 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.



Officers 2004-2005

Worshipful Master        WB Chuck Young
Senior Warden               B Bill Wilson
Junior Warden               B Bill Queen
Treasurer                       VWB Douglas Tucker
Secretary                       WB Floyd Morse
Chaplain                        WB David Ferguson
Marshal                         B Robert McVicker
Senior Deacon               B Allan Jones
Junior Deacon               B Barry Rettkowski
Senior Steward              -------
Junior Steward              WB Eric Bermen
Tyler                              B Rob Queen
Grand Junior Warden   RWB Douglas Tucker