The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


June 2002
Volume 3, Number 8

From the East...

Last month was a busy one for Audubon Park! The “La Vie en Rose” Dance held May 3rd was a great success. We had nearly 80 people there. Special thanks to WB Eric Berman and Lady Anne, who decorated the dining room with flags, lights and a miniature Eiffel Tower.  Three-Cord Dave provided many hours of dance music and there was plenty to eat.  Karen and I danced ourselves silly.  Plus, we made a little money for our Foundation.  My thanks to all who supported this special event. 


We initiated Mr. Mark Anderson, our newest Entered Apprentice, on May 22.  Bill is a teacher at one of District 81’s middle schools.  This is a second career for him; he is also a retired Major in the U.S. Army.  Additionally, he’s an ardent fly-fisherman, so Brothers Dick Hawley and Bill Wilson will soon have company on the riverbank.  This event was well attended. I counted 24 Brethren, many of whom were from other lodges in the area.  Congratulations Brother Mark and welcome to Audubon Park Lodge!

Then on Sunday May 19 we had our Movie Discussion Group at our home.  Seven people participated. The movie Grand Canyon sparked much lively discussion and the sharing of opinions.  It was definitely a thought-provoking movie!  All in all, a most enjoyable afternoon.


The highlight of the month was our “Kilts n’ Pipes” Night, on May 22.  Our Junior Warden Bob Good will have more to say on this in his column.  I can only add, the event was a stellar success. Some 50+ people came to enjoy an evening of Scottish food, fellowship, music and entertainment. 


On the 31st, students at Madison Elementary School received their new books from Operation Outreach.  There were lots of smiling faces and “thank you’s” as some 40 books were distributed to two 4th grade classrooms. I was on hand to take pictures and represent Audubon Park Lodge.  Brethren, the kids really liked what we did!  This Operation Outreach program is a good thing we Masons do for children’s literacy and character education.

Now my point in recounting all these events is to suggest that Audubon Park Lodge is enjoying a kind of renaissance in energy and vitality. Brethren, we’re doing things!  We’re getting our families involved in wholesome activities and  we’re reaching out to the community. 


Further,  this revival is being recognized by Grand Lodge.    At the Grand Lodge meeting with Districts 26 & 27 held on May 4,  Audubon Park 272 was presented with the “Eight Pillars of Progress” award.  This is a new award.  Eight are given out each year. A Lodge receives it for best exemplifying one of the ‘eight pillars of progress’ described in Grand Lodge’s Long Range Plan.  This year Audubon Park received it for being “Number 1” in the pillar of Family Involvement.


There it is.  Our monthly Family Night programs (dinner, speakers, fellowship), started last year under WB Dick Hawley and continued this year, has become a key element in the revitalization of our Lodge!  Thank you Brethren for your continued support of our Family Night dinners and congratulations to you all on receiving this Award.


Recall, that because Grand Lodge meets in June, our stated communication falls on the 3rd Wednesday (on the 19th) of this month.  The June stated meeting will be Move-Up night for our Wardens and Senior Deacon.  Brother John Smith will be sitting in the East, Bro. Bob moves to the West, Bro. Chuck relocates in the South and I’ll be covering the Senior Deacon’s post.  Our speaker for Masonic education will be WB Franz Adelquist who will talk to us on the topic: The moon in Masonic history.  I’m sure you’ll find his remarks quite interesting. 


Looking ahead to September, please note our Family Night dinner on September 25, starting at 6:30.  This will be our Awards and Recognition night. There will be a guest speaker.  Plan to attend and help celebrate the close of my year in the East.  

Paul J. Vielle

Worshipful Master

From the West...

It is with mixed emotions that I find myself writing this month’s article for The Pillars.  Sad, because we will be going dark for the next two months and I will not have the pleasure of seeing and greeting my brothers until the month of September.  Elated, because this past month has allow this Lodge and its members to showcase the excellent floorwork that we have come to see as commonplace.  With the initiation of Mr. Mark Anderson as our newest Entered Apprentice, our floorwork has again inspired others with envy.  Worshipful Master Paul Vielle conferred the degree, WB Floyd Morse delivered the lecture, and VWB Bill Willey provided incidental music on his organ. Brethren from Oriental 74 and Temple 42 came by to help bring Bro. Anderson to light.  Refreshment followed. All said and done, it was a nice piece of ritual work.  Brother Mark, I bid you a warm welcome!

The month of June holds a full schedule of activities for those of us who are interested.  On the 29th we will have a Picnic in the Park, at Audubon Park just across the street from the lodge, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  The Lodge will provide the hot-dogs, but everything else will be potluck.  So bring your own food and drinks and we’ll have a grand time wishing the past year a fond “good-bye”.   

As I prepare for the coming year, I will soon be contacting several of you, with invitations to serve as officers.  If elected to the East,  I intend to give the Lodge my very best.  I intend to carry forth the excellent programs and activities initiated by my predecessors and also introduce new projects of my own. With your help and support Audubon Park 272 will continue to be held in high regard in this District and throughout this Jurisdiction. 

John M. Smith
Senior Warden

From the South ...   

As this year comes to a close and we prepare for the joys of summer I reflect

upon the Family Nights we’ve had, gift exchanges, Masonic history and of course, the “great blizzard”.    I’m glad the last two are already taking care of. I look forward to hearing about this month’s picnic in the park from our Senior Warden. The following is my synopsis of the Family Night activity for May.

The full flair of Scotland prevailed over Kilts ‘n Pipes night. On the 22nd of last month we had a piper piping, a drummer  drumming and bonnie lasses  dancing. The cuisine, of course, was Scottish and included Scotch Eggs and Haggis. All who attended were amply fed and pleasantly entertained.

After being served this delicious repast by our own Bethel 64 Job’s Daughters, we were amazed by several rounds of wonderful Bagpipe music by piper Dan Grimes and bedazzled by two Highland Dancers from Shadle Park High School. Between the musical numbers, Scottish orators regaled us with entertaining short-talks. WB Jack Bishop spoke on the origins of the Haggis, (that uniquely Scottish dish). He actually had one on-hand to show us. (I had no idea they were so hard to catch.) Later, WB Jason Gordon presented a brief history of the Scottish Clans and Kilts.  For the grand musical finale, we had bagpipes, dancers and a drummer.  The hall lights were dimmed and drummer Ian Travethan (from Oriental 74) performed in front of a black-light.  His twirling luminescent drumsticks created a strangely haunting and altogether riveting performance.                                                                                       

I would like to thank all who attended our Kilts n’ Pipes night. Most of all I wish to thank the following individuals for their contributions in making this a most entertaining evening: to Ruth Schudel and WB Floyd Morse for cooking the food;  to Sherry Nerger and the Bethel 64 Job’s Daughters for serving the meals and helping with cleanup; to WB Paul Vielle and WB Jason Gordon for organizing and arranging this event. I’m hoping we can make this an annual affair.                                                                                              

Robert K. Good
Junior Warden

From the Secretary's Table...

Brethren, I wish to take this opportunity and forum to publicly apologize to Worshipful Brother Richard Turner for my remarks in the March issue of The Pillars;   remarks that may have been interpreted by some as an aspersion on his performance or his record keeping while Secretary of our Lodge.

As one who understands and appreciates the enormous task of setting
up a computerized system for keeping lodge records while, at the same time, performing the regular duties of Secretary, I commend Brother Turner for the fine work he accomplished.   This is especially true, in light of the fact he was recovering from a stroke at the time. Brother Dick, I hope that you will accept my apology in the spirit of brotherly love and affection. Most sincerely, Brother Floyd

In other News...

Special Award.

At the May Stated Communication, VWB Kurt Sturzelbach, Deputy of the Grand Master in District 27, presented our Worshipful Master, WB Paul J. Vielle with a “Proficiency In Lodge Management” Certificate.  This award is presented to a Master upon his satisfactorily completion of a written examination on the Washington Masonic Code and upon a demonstration of proficiency in opening and closing Lodge in all three degrees. Congratulations Bro. Paul!


Bro. Bill Wilson informs us the new Audubon Park 272 webpage is almost ready to go.  We’ve had discussions with WB Bill McEwen (Oriental 74), who will be hosting our page on his server.  All we’re waiting for is confirmation of the domain name.  Soon we’ll be connected to the Internet! Thank you Bro. Bill for all your hard work on this project.


This note from Bro. Chuck Young.  El Katif Shrine is hosting its annual golf tournament on Friday, August 23.  He is keen on forming our own Audubon Park Golf Team.  Interested golfers should contact him for more information.


Spring Clean-Up Day took place on the 18th of May.  Thanks to those Brethren who showed-up to wield the broom and mop.  The Lodge never looked better.  By the way, we have engaged a person who will provide light custodial services, starting in mid summer. More on that later.


Famous Mason’s Corner

John Paul Jones (1742-1792).  Often called the “Father of the American Navy.”  His body rests in the crypt of the Chapel of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD. , placed there January 26, 1913.  He was born in Scotland and made a Mason in 1780 in St. Bernard’s Lodge No. 122, Kirkcudbright.  He died in France and was buried in a Protestant cemetery. His gravesite was forgotten until 1905 when it was rediscovered and the remains shipped to Annapolis.


Masonic Quiz

Q:  What is the symbolic meaning of the Two Pillars?

A:  One signifies strength or power (which may be used wisely or otherwise.) The other pillar signifies establishment, control or choice.  Hence, in Freemasonry the brother passes between the two and the lesson learned is that strength, or power, without control is dangerous, and control without power is futile.  It is a complement of the two which will enable him to climb the stairway of life by strength, but directed by control or wisdom.

Q: What is the legend of the Winding Stairs?

 A:  See the September issue of the Pillars!


Calendar of Events


4     Bethel 64 meeting of Job’s Daughters, 7:00 p.m.                                                           

13-15     Grand Lodge of Washington - Annual Communication  in Spokane, WA

19     Stated Communication (Move-Up Night) 7:00p.m.       

 29     Picnic-in-the-Park, Saturday, (Audubon Park)11:00-1:00



Lodge is dark


September                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 3      Bethel 64 meeting of Job’s Daughters, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                                                                               11     11    Stated Communication, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  17     Bethel 64 meeting of Job’s Daughters, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                                                                                   25     Family Night - Award & Recognition Dinner, 6:30 p.m.