The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


February 2003
Volume 4, Number 4

From the East ...

Here it is the 2nd month of the new year already and I don't feel any better prepared than I did in September of last year. I wonder if I will ever feel prepared for the honor that you have bestowed upon me. It is with a great deal of pride and humility that I once again say thank you one and all for trusting me with the Lodge for this year.

For those of you who are interested, our February stated meeting is District Deputy's "Official Visit". So come expecting to hear words of wisdom from the Grandmaster through the offices of his Deputy in District 27, VWB Douglas E. Tucker.

The Master, Wardens and other officers of your Lodge have a proposal to set before the Past Masters of Audubon Park. If you want to know more, please attend the Family Night Potluck on Feb 26th. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you want a hint, remember that "...every human being has a claim upon your kind offices, ...more especially a brother Mason."

I am hopeful the Marshall's chair will be filled this month with the addition of Bro. Rob Queen, who is affiliating with our lodge from Whitman Lodge in Pullman. Bro. Rob has agreed to serve in that capacity for the balance this year, now that he is able to attend lodge on a regular basis.

At the time of this writing, there have been no new member-deaths to report. This is welcome news indeed. For the first time since taking the East, I do not have to hold a Memorial Service for a departed brother.

Junior Warden Chuck Young has informed me that we'll soon be needing to put together a degree team to confer the Master Mason degree on our Fellowcraft Bro. Alan Jones. And our other Fellowcraft, Bro. Mark Anderson is not far behind.

John M. Smith

Worshipful Master

From the West...

Again, I am humbled by the generosity of our Masonic brethren. I would like to pay wages to our own Secretary WB Floyd Morse who has honored our fraternity by donating an Apple Computer to Medical Lake Lodge 104 in response to their request to Grand Lodge for the same. In return, several Medical Lake brethren visited Audubon Park to help out with the conferral of the FCM degree last month. It's nice to see consistent examples of what can be accomplished when we work together for the benefit of all.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend the thanks and appreciation of Audubon Park Lodge 272 to the following brethren for their assistance in passing Bro. Alan Jones to the Fellowcraft degree on January 15, 2003. WB Dean Whittier, in addition to his usual excellence with the "G" lecture, assumed all the duties of the East including the conferral of the degree. VWB Chester Echelbarger filled in as our as Chaplain. Special thanks again, to the brethren of Medical Lake Lodge who attended, particularly to WB Tony Holloway, (the current Master there), who gave the lecture, and to their Senior Warden Bro. Bob who gave the Charge. And not to be forgotten, congratulations to Bro. Allen Jones, our newest Fellowcraft Mason!

The Worshipful Master has asked me to find an interesting topic for Masonic Education for our next stated meeting. I am planning on giving a little bit of history about "Infamous and Strange Masons".

Robert K. Good

Senior Warden

From the South...

Brethren, we had a "Snow Day" on Past Masters Night January 22. As I sat in my office watching the snow accumulate and the roads get more and more icy I wondered if it would be prudent to "call the whole thing off". Worshipful Master John made the right decision about 4:30 p.m. He said it was actually an easy decision as his trip home from work was very treacherous. We put the recall tree into effect and the Brethren were told of the cancellation by 5:00 p.m. I hope you enjoyed whatever dish you prepared. We enjoyed our "porcupine meatballs" -- several times! I sure enjoyed the home made pecan pie Irene Jones made and shared with me the next day.

Our next Family Night will be February 26 and I can use some help with the coordination. The Imperial Potentate of the Shrine of North America and his Lady will be visiting the Hospital that day. We have dinner plans for them that evening, so I will be unavailable to coordinate the Family Night Dinner. If someone is interested please contact me directly. Otherwise I will be looking for a volunteer.

Since we don't have anything planned yet, it may be that the February Family Night Dinner will be our rescheduled Past Masters Recognition Night. Stay tuned for more information. That's it, ...From the South.

Charles R. Young

Junior Warden

In Other News...

From the Secretary's table:

This is the end-of -year report for 2002. We started the year with 127members and ended with 117 members. Our membership consists of 40 dues paying members, 66 life members, 5 fifty year member and 6 members whose dues are permanently waived. Last year we gained 2 members from petitions for degrees and one reinstatement. At the same time we had 12 members enter the Celestial Lodge, one demitted to join another lodge (in Georgia) and 3 were dropped for non-payment of dues. This is a net loss of 10 members. Currently we have two active candidates progressing through the degrees and one petition for affiliation to ballot on at our next meeting.

Respectfully submitted, WB Floyd A. Morse, Secretary

New Year's Eve Dance. Boy-oh-boy, did we have a grand time at the New Years Eve Dinner And Dance! Fifty-five wonderful people gathered for the delicious dinner and the dance which followed. Dinner consisted of New York Steak (Roast Cut), Chicken dish, Stuffed Baked Potato, Green salad, fruit salad, veggies, etc. We also had a dessert created by Chef Floyd and a Champagne toast at midnight. ALL THAT JAZZ, 5 piece band, played and sang a wide variety of songs to the enjoyment of all. They were given a standing ovation at evening's end. The entire hall was amply decorated with festive lights and candles; a setting that put everyone in a happy mood. We are very grateful for those who volunteered a helping hand. Chef Floyd Morse, Dick and Fern Roark, John and Pat Smith. Dexter Phillips (with his crew of four) assisted greatly in the setting, serving and clearing of tables.

A very heartfelt "Thank You" to everyone who donated gifts, money or their time to make this event a success. A very special "Thank You" goes to my Lady and dear wife Anne, who designed and made all the decorations. She further assisted in preparing the dinner and setting volunteers to work. Special thanks too, to W.B. Floyd Morse, chef extraordinnaire, for his help in planning, preparing and serving this wonderful dinner.

After all the bills were paid, Audubon Park Masonic Foundation cleared $354.00.

Semi-Annual Sustaining Membership Program. Under separate cover you will receive information and an invitation to participate in the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation's Semi-Annual gifting program. Participation is of course voluntary and all of the monies raised are deposited to the fund of the donors choice.

The purpose of the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation (APMF) is simple: to create a permanent fund of $100,000.00 to generate $6,000 a year to support Audubon Park Lodge 272 and the Temple Building. The APMF ended 2002 with just under $25,000.00 of invested assets. We're all aware I'm sure, that neither membership dues, nor the income from other sources the Lodge receives, are sufficient to meet the expenses of Audubon Park Lodge. Rather, it is the rental income the Temple Board earns, together with periodic contributions from the APMF that enable the Lodge to meet its expenses. At this time, neither Audubon Park Lodge nor the Temple Board possess any appreciable amount of discretionary funds. Therefore the need is great.

Corned Beef Dinner and Appreciation Night. The Tenth Annual Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner and Appreciation Night is scheduled for March 19, 2003. This is the Annual meeting of Audubon Park Masonic Foundation. All of those who have donated to any of our programs this past year will be presented Certificates of Appreciation by Grand Master, MWB Jimmy Reid. This will be a fun-filled event open to the public. More to follow. Respectfully submitted, WB Eric E. Berman, Chairman APMF

Famous Masonís Corner

David Sarnoff (1891-1971) Called the "father of American television." He came from Russia when he was nine years old. Rose from a messenger to become the President of RCA when he was 39. Served in WW II as a brigadier general. Raised in Strict Observance Lodge 94 in New York in 1921.

Earl Warren (1891-1974) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Member of Sequoia Lodge 349 in California. Was Grandmaster of that jurisdiction in 1935.

Masonic Quiz

Q: Why does the Master of a Lodge wear a hat?

A: To uncover the head in the presence of superiors is held as a mark of respect. Conversely, to keep the head covered, while all around are uncovered, is a mark of superiority of rank or office.

Q: Why are cornerstones laid in the northeast corner?

A: See next month's Pillars !

Calendar of Events


4 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

12 Regular Stated Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

18 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

26 Family Night - Potluck Dinner, 7:00 p.m.



4 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

12 Regular Stated Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

18 Bethel 64 meeting of Job's Daughters, 7:00 p.m.

19 Corn Beef n' Cabbage Dinner with Grand Master's Visit