The Official Publication of the Audubon Park Lodge #272


December 2004
Volume 6, Number 10

From the East ...

We made it through our first Stated Communication and I hope all who were present had as much fun as I did. The two things I want to do during this year is focus on making Stated Communications and all our events fun for the Brethren and others who attend and I also want to insure our Temple Board is active and effective. If we are going to attract and retain "good men" we must give them a reason to come to Stated Communications. A very important part of those meetings is of course the ritual work that must be done. But once the ritual has been attended to we should be able to do the work and have some fun while we're working. I hope you will all plan to attend Stated Communications on a regular basis. Who knows what you might learn by attending.

I'm sorry, I was out of town and unable to attend Family Night when Dean Whittier once again prepared his "world famous" Taco Soup. I'm sure all who were there had a great time. I encourage you all to participate in our Family Nights - they are one more way for us to get together as Masons and include our families. There is always plenty to eat and we have a great time.

I want to extend congratulations to WB Chet Echelbarger, who was recently honored by the Order of DeMolay with the Cross of Honor. Chet received this very prestigious award at the Installation of Officers at Empire Chapter Order of DeMolay. Chet was recognized for his selfless commitment and dedication to the young men of DeMolay by helping whenever and wherever he was asked. This is certainly a very big honor for him, so please be sure to acknowledge Chet when you see him next.

Our next Stated Communication will be December 8 and our next Family Night will be December 22. As usual for this Holiday time of year we will have a Christmas theme and Brother Bill Wilson will be collecting Toys for Tots. Check the other two columns in this months Pillars for more details.

If any of the Brethren are interested in being our Senior or Junior Steward for this year please let me know. Those are the only two officer positions that aren't filled. Also, if anyone is interested in working on our program of providing books to school kids please contact me. This is a program that was very active for several years and we certainly don't want it to fade away.

Finally, any of you know of any "good men" who aren't Masons and should be? I bet each of you know several. Have you spoken with them about Masonry? I did - when I was in South Carolina playing golf. I gave the gentleman's name to VWB Dean Heinemann, since the person with whom I spoke lives in Cheney. I hope he petitions Temple Lodge #42. We need new Masons to join and share in what we do - thank about it - and talk with someone who should be a Mason."

Chuck Young
Worshipful Master

From the West...

It is that time of the year when we are trying to think what we are going to get our friends and loved ones for Christmas. A doll for the granddaughter, a new Xbox for the son, or a new ring for the wife? The idea of giving something to our loved ones makes us feel "warm and fuzzy" anticipating the joy it will bring to them.

But there are those that we don't know that can't have that feeling, because they aren't able to afford the few niceties that give Christmas a special meaning. It could be that they are sick, out of a job, injured, divorced, or a family of a serviceman in Iraq. There are any number of reasons, but there is no reason that a child should miss out on the special feeling of Christmas!

As "chairman" of the Audubon Park Toys for Tots, I ask that you help a child feel that special warmth of being able to open a present on Christmas from someone that loves them. We will never know who gets the present, but it will go to someone that really needs it. So, on December 22nd 6:30 p.m., bring a new, unwrapped toy to the Lodge Christmas Family night, and help make some child's Christmas nicer!

Bill Wilson
Senior Warden

From the South...


I want to thank everyone for attending November Family Night. We all enjoyed "Dean's Famous Tortilla Soup" and it WAS delicious!! With the addition of corn breads and the extras of cheese/olives/sour was a meal "Fit for a King". That was followed up with some delicious carrot cake and pumpkin pie. Brother Eric left up the decorations from the Buckaroo Ball and it really added to the "atmosphere".

I am looking forward to seeing you at next months Family Night on Wednesday, 12/22/04. This evening will be an "Italian Night". Salad and garlic bread will be provided so bring your "Favorite" Italian dish to share....anything your little heart desires of an Italian flair! Dessert will also be provided.

Please don't forget your toy for "Toys for Tots" in lieu of the gift exchange.

Let us, as Brethren give our gifts to the children of Spokane this Christmas.

Beware there may be a door prize...if that "pesky" Lady is handing out name tags again...ha ha. I thought it might be nice if we wore name tags "on our hearts" at the dinners to help us all remember each others names. I know this sounds strange since most of us see each other quite often. We do have new comers that come to the dinners and our wives only see each other once a month. "Remember to share your smiles as you never know who might need one."

Bill Queen
Junior Warden

In Other News...

From the Secretary's desk

Just a reminder that annual dues need to be paid by December 31, 2005. Please send your dues to WB Floyd Morse, PO Box 9575, Spokane, WA 99209, if you have not paid.

Happening at the lodge

The November stated meeting's theme was Veterans night. All veterans in attendance were recognized. The Worshipful Master Chuck Young gave a reading of "Thank You to Veterans" by Col. Frank Potter Ret. Senior Warden Bill Wilson read a letter from Gen. Haggie, Commandant of the USMC remembering the Marine Corp. anniversary. B. Bob Faulk reported on a presentation to Veterans by the El Katif Legion of Honor.

The Job's Daughters and the Demolay youth received an honorarium for work done during last month's officer installations. Two brothers were remembered and honored in a memorial, Brother Chris Sutherland and Brother Carol B. Smith. Audubon Park lodge raised $200 for Tom Turkey drive which was matched by a brother in the district. Everyone enjoyed WB John Smith's presentation of "The working tools of a traveling Mason" as Masonic education.

Audubon Park lodge received a Pillars of Progress for family values at the District 27 meeting held Oct. 30, 2004. The award was presented to Worshipful Master Chuck Young by MWB Satoru "Sat" Tashiro, Grand Master of the MW Grand Lodge of F&AM of Washington.

Audubon Park Masonic Foundation.

The purpose of the APMF remains the same as when it was first incorporated: 1) Develop an asset base of at least $250,000.00. 2) Invest and manage assets for growth. 3) Distribute income to Audubon Masonic Lodge 272 and The Temple Building. The duties of the APMF Directors have been amplified since the APMF reached its milestone of $100,000.00 of invested assets. We need to continue fund raising efforts to reach the goal of $250,000.00.

The Audubon Park Masonic Foundation asset base has increased to $105,000.00. The increase is due to market value increases of the securities held in our portfolio. It appears stability has been restored to the financial markets. It is evident investors confidence has been restored. This is an excellent time for the APMF to receive donations and invest. With the end of this tax year, we will review our investments and may make necessary adjustments.

Year end review: It is the time of the year for all of us to review our investment holdings. We may have: 1) incurred gains or losses. 2) experienced stock splits, reverse splits, spin offs, mergers, acquisitions, etc. 3) inherited "certificate issues" and hold these and or other certificates in our name. 4) Brokerage Accounts with "low account balances" or failed to do "minimum trading" required by the institution. 5) issues we no longer favor or care to hold. 6) only a few shares because of a spin off, reorganization, or reverse split, etc. 7) wanted not deal with the markets any longer. 8) a desire to reduce the size of our estate. 9) a desire to make a Charitable Gifts or Donation to APMF.

All of the prior donation programs remain in place and we encourage all to consider donating. The Legal Counsel of the APMF Board of Directors informed us we need to focus on larger gifts. The following programs have been in place since the inception of the APMF. 1) Donation or Gifts. 2) Honorarium. 3) Bequest. 4) Memorial. 5) Asset Transfers. 6) Beneficiary of Life and Annuity contracts.

The BUCKAROO BALL & DESSERT was held Nov. 13, 2004. Fifty two dancers took a Saturday Night bath, shaved, slapped on a little "Cowpoke Cologne," put on their country western finery, donned their boots, grabbed their hats, saddled their horses and rode to town to gather at the "Buckaroo Palace" for the Buckaroo Ball & Dessert.

A wonderful time was had by all. We gave away over $400.00 in door prizes to those who came. We also had a best dressed cowboy and cowgirl costume contest. It was fun looking at all different attire. After the counting was done and the bills were paid the Audubon Park Masonic Foundation netted $122.00.

Taco Soup Night: It was requested by the Temple Board members that we leave the "Buckaroo Ball" scene in place for the family night. The children and adults approached the scene with awe, they tested the real looking camp fire flame. A number of us wore our cowboy outfits and it seemed appropriate for the theme of the evening. APMF also donated soda pop, bottled water and milk, surplus from the Buckaroo Ball, to the event. The soup, atmosphere and "familyship" was enjoyable.

Please feel free to email me at or call me at 509-328-2910 with your comments or questions. Happy Holidays to one and all. Wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity.

Fraternally yours W.Br. Eric E. Berman, Sec-Treas.

Famous Masons' Corner
Edward "Eddie" Rickenbacker (1890-1973) The leading American "ace" in WW1 and in WW2 he made special missions for the Secretary of War. Forced down in the Pacific in 1942 he survived for three weeks in an life raft. He was a member of Kilwinning Lodge No. 297, Mich.

Masonic Quiz
Q: What two Saint John's Days are celebrated by Freemasons?
A: Saint John, the Baptist, on June 24th and Saint John, the Evangelist, on Dec. 27th.

Q: What is the oldest Masonic document in existence in the United States?
A: See the January issue of Pillars for the answer.

Calendar of Events
December 2004
12/7 Bethel #64 Job's Daughters Meeting 7:00 p.m.
12/8 December Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
12/9 Ivanhoe Chapter #80 - Order of Eastern Star - 7:30 p.m.
12/21 Bethel # 64 Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
12/22 Family Holiday Gift Exchange - " Toys for Tots" - 6:30 p.m.
12/28 Temple Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.

January 2005
1/4 Bethel #64 Job's Daughters Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
1/12 January Stated Meeting - 7:00 p.m.

Officers 2004-2005

Worshipful Master       WB Chuck Young
Senior Warden              B Bill Wilson
Junior Warden              B Bill Queen
Treasurer                      VWB Douglas Tucker
Secretary                      WB Floyd Morse
Chaplain                       WB David Ferguson
Marshal                        B Robert McVicker
Senior Deacon              B Allan Jones
Junior Deacon              B Barry Rettkowski
Senior Steward             -------
Junior Steward             -------
Tyler                             B Rob Queen
Grand Lodge Lecturer VWB Douglas Tucker