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“The Audubon Park Masonic Foundation will ensure responsible and effective oversight of its assets, provide clear guidance for the preservation and growth of its assets, maintain accurate accountability and transparency of its activities, coordinate robust and sustainable fundraising, and conduct timely and appropriate distributions of available funds as required to support the non-profit charitable, literary, educational and fraternal activities of Audubon Park Lodge, No. 272.”


The Audubon Park Masonic Foundation will, through the actions of the duly elected Board of Directors, achieve the vision of the Foundation, and comply with its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, by the adhering to the following guiding principles in direct support of the nonprofit charitable, literary, educational and fraternal activities of Audubon Park Lodge, No. 272:

Note: While the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws state the Foundation is “organized exclusively for religious, charitable, literary, educational and fraternal purposes,” the word religious is excluded here intentionally. In accordance with the Grand Lodge of Washington, “Freemasonry is a non-political, non-religious group of men.”


Please Note: Intentionally, and by design, the premise and every aspect of APMF "Fund Raising Program" is volunteerism. It is presented by volunteers (who willingly absorb the costs of fund raising) and those who choose to voluntarily donate. APMF volunteers raises funds for: Audubon Park Masonic Foundation , Audubon Park Lodge 272 and Northwest Boulevard Temple Building. The donor always has the choice to (1) donate or not, (2) the amount(s), (3) timing of donation, (4) and to which organization or program.

APPEALS: APMF has mailed, over the years, various letters requesting donations for specific programs or purposes such as: property tax, insurance, new roof, new boiler and new windows. Also APMF, with the consent of A.P. 272, sends semi-annual appeal letters to its members.

ASSET TRANSFERS: APMF maintains its own Stock Brokerage account. APMF has received numerous asset transfers and donations, from individuals who held them: stock issues, mutual funds, and cash. Banks and Stock Brokerage Firms are charging fees to clients who maintain small accounts. We transferred these assets without charge to the donor. The Gifts ranged in value from a few dollars to nine hundred dollars. It is the nature of APMF to hold these issues for the long term.


BEQUESTS: APMF has received a number of bequests under the terms of several wills. APMF is also named beneficiary in a number of Wills and Insurance Policies. Should you have an interest in naming APMF as a beneficiary in a Life Insurance policy or in a Will, we have sample forms available for review.




MEMORIALS: APMF has received a substantial number of donations as a tribute to the living memory of loved ones and friends. Should you desire a memorial fund be established in the name of any decedent: family member or friend, let APMF know. It is also important to record the request with the family, minister, funeral director, attorney or another that may be in charge of the final arrangements. And be sure the request is included in the newspaper obituary and funeral notices . It should be noted that the obituary notices include many very good and deserving organizations and causes. Unfortunately, and too often, the decedent's "Love for our Fraternal Blue Lodge" is overlooked by those who make the final decisions. Very seldom is a Blue Lodge mentioned in the published notice.


SERENDIPITY FUND: "Found Money" "Treasure found without intentionally looking for it." This fund is now in excess of $368.00. This fund started when pennies were found on the street and dropped into a jar for a future charitable purpose. The idea of this fund was "borrowed" from a program mentioned in the newspaper. A news item appeared in the newspaper regarding a University that had received quite a bit of change from those who forwarded it as the existence of the fund spread by word of mouth among its students, faculty and alumni. It was recently reported that this college fund is now in excess of $138,000. Also a college student financed his education on "found pennies" forwarded to him. APMF "Serendipity Fund" accepts pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, paper money and checks. Jars are available, upon request, for collecting monies. From time to time Serendipity Jars are made available at the Lodge Buildings for donations as well. March of each year is the traditional "dumping of the Jars" into a very large glass that has the challenge "I BET YOU CAN'T" fill it up. A challenge issued by the BOD of APMF.

SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP: A voluntary pledge gifting program consisting of dedicated Blue Lodge Masons and Family who desire to participate on a semi-regular basis in being notified by mail at designated time to remit a pledge. The donor notifies APMF that he chooses to: participate, when, how often and amount. The Secretary then sends a very friendly reminder and all decisions are the individuals.


Audubon Park Masonic Foundation
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Spokane, WA 99209-9575

Last updated 01 January, 2016